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6 Best Android Airplane Simulator Games Good Graphics

Pilots are first trained to use airplane simulators before being able to fly real airplanes. It was not enough there, I also learned everything related to aviation science.

There are now many airplane simulators available for educational purposes. From physical simulators with real cockpits to simulators that can be used on PC terminals.

With the advancement of technology, airplane simulators are now accessible to everyone on Android and iOS smartphone devices. As sophisticated as the PC version, the existing Android simulator game is already fully featured.

So, for those curious about what it’s like to be a pilot, Konyoha invites you to fly a plane in the following 6 best Android simulator games.

Collection of the best Android airplane simulator games

1. X plane 10

Known as the best airplane simulator ever on PC devices, the X-Plane series is now available on Android devices.what admins like X plane 10 Here is the availability of 5 landscapes with highly detailed and very realistic looking airports, weather and lighting.

Apart from that, different types of famous aircraft are also available, from famous aircraft like Cessna 172, Boeing B737-800, Airbus A320 to fighter aircraft types like F-4 Phantom II fighter. All available aircraft are equipped with a variety of famous liveries and are also equipped with 3D cockpit displays with full buttons.

Besides providing a realistic flying experience, X-Plane 10 also supports Internet multiplayer mode. But the downside is that the scenery is limited, so you can’t fly to every airport in the world.

2. Infinite flight

infinite flight

as its name suggests, infinite flight Provides a seamless flight experience. This means you can fly to any part of the world with over 25,000 airports, including some in Indonesia such as Jakarta.

So far, Infinite Flight is the most complete and most realistic flight simulator on Android. There is a global multiplayer mode powered by ATC so all players around the world can fly together.

In addition, it is equipped with high-definition landscapes, including satellite imagery, complete and more detailed aircraft, and almost every paint job in the world. Including several liveries from Indonesia such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batik Air, Citilink, Sriwijaya Air.

Players are charged a monthly or yearly subscription fee to enjoy the global multiplayer mode. But it’s all commensurate with the features it offers.

3. Airline Commander

airline commander

there next airline commander We invite you to fly and conquer routes around the world. In fact, admins have never tried this simulator, but the game description here allows you to create your own airline and manage planes.

The airports available are not as complete as in Infinite Flight, but the game is very interesting with different levels of missions and different weather conditions as well.

4. RFS – Real Flight Simulator

RFS-Real Flight Simulator

Developed by RORTOS, the same developer as Ariline Commander, this game will be a rival to Infinite Flight. It’s still in beta or in development, but you can already try it at a discounted price.

Similar to Infinite Flight, the game lets you visit airports around the world, including Indonesia, and play global multiplayer. The aircraft type itself is also very complete, with many levers including the famous paintwork in Indonesia such as Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air and Lion Air.

RFS also uses high-resolution satellite imagery for the scenery itself, so you can feel like you’re actually flying. To fly in online multiplayer mode and enjoy the scenery of satellite images, you need to register for the pro version first.

5. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

If you are looking for offline and free android airplane simulator games, you can try Flight Pilot Simulator 3D. The game offers a flying experience with intuitive controls and 3D graphics.

In addition, there are also various very challenging missions such as emergency situations, rescue missions, fires, rough landings and much more. The types of aircraft also vary from commercial aircraft to military aircraft.

6. Aerofly 2 Flight Simulator

The last best android airplane simulator game you can try is Aerofly 2. Here you can enjoy a flying experience over the San Francisco Bay and its surroundings. The scenery is limited, but you will be captivated by the beautiful scenery of the city, the sea and the lake.

There are different levels of aviation fundamentals and you are trained to fly an airplane from scratch. It also has over 70 airports and his 17 aircraft, 6 of which are free.

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Here is the list of the best Android airplane simulator games that you can play offline or online multiplayer. Which of his six simulators above do you prefer, and write your opinion in the comments section below.