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The 10 best Android simulator games that will be the most exciting in 2023

Games in the simulation genre, or commonly referred to as simulator games, are one of the game categories that are very popular with all groups. Typically, this type of game mimics the real world or everyday human activity and is made to resemble the original. For example, an airplane simulator game allows players to fly an airplane like a real plane.

There are many games in the simulation genre that you can enjoy on your Android device today. Starting with airplane simulators, buses, trucks and more. Therefore, in this article, the admin recommends a collection of the most exciting and light Android simulator games that are suitable for filling your free time. what is the game? The following is what Konyoha summarized in her review below.

List of the best and lightest Android simulator games

1. X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

If you love airplanes you must try this the best airplane simulator. X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator It has very good gameplay and graphics for an Android phone class game. Here you can learn how to take off, land and fly other planes.

There are different types of planes and helicopters, and they have cockpits that make you feel like you are in a real plane. Interestingly, you can also play online multiplayer.

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2. Farming Simulator 18

best android simulator games

Farming Simulator 18 is the perfect simulation game for anyone interested in becoming a modern farmer. From gardening to raising livestock to harvesting and selling produce. All agricultural activities are carried out using several types of modern vehicles and machinery.

The game has a large enough world to explore and the realistic 3D graphics are guaranteed to keep you entertained. Besides that, you can also play multiplayer with your friends using WLAN or Bluetooth connection.To enjoy this cool game you have to pay IDR 66,000 on Google Play.

3. MTB Downhill: Multiplayer

best android simulator games

The next best android simulator game is MTB Downhill: MultiplayerAs the name suggests, it’s a game similar to the long-familiar Downhill on the PlayStation 2. The difference is that here you will play against other players from all over the world in his multiplayer online. As for graphics, this game is pretty good with his 3D graphics and different weather.

4. Bus Simulator Pro 2023

best android simulator games

Being a bus driver and picking up and dropping off passengers is a very interesting experience. You can feel it when you play this game. Here you can drive different types of buses with cockpit displays that make driving more realistic.

In terms of graphics, this game is arguably the best on Android.The cities are very large, the weather varies, and the experience of driving a realistic bus is guaranteed to be good enough to fill the time between blanks. IDR 55,000you can already feel all the excitement.

5. Heavy truck simulator

best android simulator games

If in the previous game you could feel the thrill of delivering passengers, in this game you will be assigned to deliver goods using cool trucks of very large size. heavy truck simulator It has stunning graphics, a wide variety of tracks, and a fairly large world to explore.

6. Offroad drive desert

best android simulator games

Offroad fans must try this game. Off-road drive dessert It is a simulation game full of challenges. Here you will drive a 4×4 vehicle through various obstacles in the desert. Stunning graphics and a variety of cool cars will keep you entertained when you are bored.

7. Train Simulator Uphill Drive

best android simulator games

Train Simulator Uphill Drive It is one of the simulation genre games with the best graphics. Here you will feel the experience of driving a train, picking up passengers and controlling the speed of the train from all terrains to make it travel safely.

8. Goat Simulator

best android simulator games

Then there are good simulation games to enjoy. goat simulatorIn this game you play a goat who can damage any object in sight. With very good graphics, real damage effects, and a wide enough world to explore, every day is guaranteed to be more exciting.

9. Construction Simulator 2

best android simulator games

Would you like to experience what it’s like to have your own construction company? Construct roads and other buildings using different types of heavy machinery? Experience all these things when you play the game. can feel construction simulator 2All the vehicles are very realistic and the graphics are very realistic and immersive to play.

10. Bus Simulator Indonesia

best android simulator games

The last is a game made by the children of the country, which is as good as any foreign game. Indonesian bus simulator Perfect for those who like local flavored bus simulator games and the ups and downs of being an Indonesian bus driver. The game has cool 3D graphics, different types of original Indonesian buses, original Indonesian city environment and also sounds of horn OM TELOLET OM!!!

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These are some of the best android simulator games with the coolest graphics. Apart from the games mentioned above, there may be others that are less exciting. If you have any other cool simulation game recommendations, write them in the comments section below.