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9 of the Best Indonesian Android Map Bus Simulator Games in 2023

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a bus driver? Driving a bus and taking passengers to their destination has its own excitement and challenges. The dream of driving a bus in the real world doesn’t come true, but you can experience it with bus simulator games for Android smartphones.

The bus simulator game shared by Konyoha this time is made by Indonesian children, including Indonesian local buses, roads, weather, maps and cities. As for graphics, there is no doubt that this game offers realistic 3D graphics.

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For those interested in the excitement and ups and downs of being a bus driver, download the game for free below.

List of the best Android bus simulator games

1.IDBS bus simulator

IDBS bus simulator

The title of the first game IDBS bus simulatorThis game offers a very Indonesian flavor and feel. Along the way, you’ll find gas stations, Indomalets and streets lined with typical Indonesian buildings.

Interesting features of this game include GPS maps, custom coloring, light indicator cinematic camera, MP3/MP4 player, passenger animations and other vehicular traffic availability that make this game even more realistic.

2. Mobile bus simulator

mobile bus simulator

mobile bus simulator Feel the thrill of driving a bus and transporting passengers from one city to another city terminal. Along the way, players will be spoiled with stunning scenery.

Interestingly, the game also allows you to modify your bus by choosing different types of livery, wheels, bumpers, horns, telorettes and strobe lights. Not only that, the game also features other vehicular traffic such as sedans, buses, Marudofu, police cars, oil tankers and Chilean trucks.

3. ES bus simulator ID

ES bus simulator ID

game developed by ES project This game is just as exciting as the previous one. Here you can get the feeling of driving a bus on the original Indonesian map. In addition, there are several local buses such as Agra Mas, Surya Bali, JB2 and Setra Bus.

4. ES Bus Simulator ID 2

ES Bus Simulator ID 2

This game by the same developer is an advanced version of ES Bus Simulator Id. Still in the development stage, the game has some additions from previous versions. That means better graphics, updated livery, new roads and more variety of customizations.

5. ES Bus Simulator Tourist ID

ES Bus Simulator Tourist ID

Driving a bus while traveling is an extraordinary experience for bus drivers. The game takes passengers to explore historical places and landmarks of Indonesia.

Features offered in this game include bus customization, 3 buses available with real models, 3 cities (Pathi, Kudus and Semarang), 44 missions to carry passengers, traffic in Indonesia, etc. I have.

6. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Indonesian bus simulator

Indonesian bus simulator Or what is known as BUSID, a game that is very popular today. This is because this game has features that rivals do not have. That’s because there are various mods available to change parts of the game, such as adding new maps, new vehicles, and more.

Apart from mods, the game incorporates features such as unique livery, original Indonesian city, original Indonesian bus, Om Telolet Om horn design, and more.

7. Bus Simulator Indonesia V3.0

Bus Simulator Indonesia v3.0

This is a mod aimed at the Indonesian bus simulator game described above by the admin. So if your game needs changes you can install this mod.

Some of the additions to the V3.0 mod are: Padang city with 3 new scenes, side view, new cinematic camera mode, vehicle mod available in career mode, Ramadan event, new minimap system. .

8.Bus Simulator Indonesia V3.0 Update

Bus Simulator Indonesia v3.0 Update

This is an advanced version of the previous mod. In version V3.0, this update added some new maps and buildings such as the Great Mosque of West Sumatra and fixed some bugs.

9. Bus Simulator Indonesia V3.1

Bus Simulator Indonesia v3.1

As of version 3.0, this is not detailed in the Google Play Store. The description is also exactly the same as the previous version. The admin hasn’t tried it yet, so he’s fine with trying it himself. If anyone has tried this He V3.1 mod, don’t forget to share it in the comments below.

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This is a collection of the best Indonesian bus simulator games you can play on your Android smartphone. This simulation game will teach you more or less about proper driving procedures on highways. Hope this helps.