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Ouch Saber Skill Combo Mobile Legend (ML) – Saber play gets even better with the best saber skill combos in Mobile Legends.

Saber is an assassin hero who is often called without mechanics, not without reason, as he is very easy to play and has simple skills.

For example, Saber’s first skill is using four flying knives to attack and surround them, while her second skill is Mobility and Execution Ultimate.

With this skill Saber isn’t really a good melee hero. This ability makes him very suitable as an assassin to kidnap enemies.

For those who want to play Saber, here are the most dangerous and deadly Saber skill combos in Mobile Legends.

Ouch Saber Skill Combo Mobile Legend (ML)

Ouch Saber Skill Combo Mobile Legend (ML)

The Saber-playing gameplay is very effective in kidnapping dangerous enemies like Marksmen, Hypers, and Hero Mages in the late game.

The following skill combo attacks make it easier for Saber to kidnap opponents.

Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Ultimate

Saber’s greatest ability is attacking using the first skill first. The effect of this skill lowers the opponent’s physical defense and increases the damage dealt by Saber.

Make sure the Saber Knife hits your target, then use your first skill to get closer to the enemy.

If you attack the enemy with the Ultimate Saber, the enemy will be instantly defeated with a single blow.

Skill 2 + Ultimate + Skill 1

Same as the first saber skill combo, but this second method is very suitable for those who often play in ambushes or on grass.

Saber can wait for the opponent to approach, and when approached, can use the first skill to give the opponent a passive effect.

Use your ultimate to attack your opponent’s end, and finally use your first skill to chase them down. You can easily lose or run away.

Above is our review of Mobile Legends’ most morbid and lethal combo-skill hero Saber – stay tuned for other updates exclusively on!