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Combo Skill Alice Mobile Legends (ML) – Alice’s combo skill attacks are pretty powerful and invulnerable to opponents. This her one mage her hero takes the role of a hybrid her tanker with mobile her legend and high lifesteal ability.

Alice is famous for her powerful explaner abilities, but this one hero has a skill that allows her to suck blood thanks to her ultimate ability.

Not only that, but Alice’s first skill has great mobility, and is often used to chase and escape enemies.

Alice’s second skill can then deal damage to the surrounding area which can be used as extra damage when Alice performs combo skills.

So, especially for beginners who want to play Alice’s hero, here are the best skill combos that can be applied to Mobile Legends’ Alice’s hero.

Combo Skill Alice Mobile Legends (ML)

Combo Skill Alice Mobile Legends (ML)

Alice’s attack gameplay is great for opening or opening battles where she can not only deal damage to her opponent, but also last for a long time at the start of the battle and give her opponent a crowd control effect.

Skill 1 + Ultimate + Skill 2

A common attack combo that Alice uses is to attack first with her first skill, where Alice finds energy in the direction she wants.

After that, press the first skill twice to move towards the opponent with the blink skill, then use the ultimate to attack when the opponent is nearby and suck the opponent’s blood.

For extra damage, you can use a second skill that does a lot more damage. This damage is often used as an executor.

Ultimate + Skill 1 + Skill 2

Alice users also unusually use their Ultimate first before using combo skills, this is because the use of Ultimate skills activates faster and makes it harder for the enemy to escape.

So if you blink with your opponent’s first skill, you’ll immediately receive an ultimate attack that makes movement difficult.

The advantage of Alice’s combo skill is that her attacks are triggered quickly, giving her opponent no time to counterattack.

Above are the best Mobile Legends Alice skill combos available in the game. Stay tuned for other interesting Mobile Legends updates, only on!