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Voice actor Leila Genshin Impact – Prior to Gacha, some players were usually looking for information about voice actors or voice actress Leila in Genshin Impact.

Leila is a new character that will appear in the version 3.2 update. He is a 4-star character with cryo elements.

Interestingly, Layla has the ability to create a shield like Zhongli, and this character can be chosen as a shield.

Then, for Elemental Burst, Layla resembles Ganyu and creates an area filled with cryo damage.

Voice actor Leila Genshin Impact

Voice actor Leila Genshin Impact

Layla is a Sumeru character that will be released in the second banner of the upcoming 3.2 update.

Leila will be voiced by Miyu Tomita in Japanese and by Ashley Biski in English.

Ashley Biski is a very famous voice actress for several series such as Juliet in the movie The Nutty Boy and Amy in the movie Project Gemini.

Tomita Miyu has been a voice actress for 7 years and is very famous as an anime voice actress.

Some of the anime characters that Miyu buried include Riko from Made in Abyss, Miko Rino from Kaguya-sama, and Ebisu from Dorohedoro Game.

Not only that, but Miyu is also a filler in many video games, such as Shezu from Fire Emblem Warriors and Kafka from Arknights.

This concludes the information about Genshin Impact’s voice actor Leila. Hopefully it helps!