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Tips to Become a Pro Sniper & Statistics

Best Sniper Sausage Man – The game Sausage Man has recently appeared on the TikTok application. Due to its viral appearance, the game Sausage Man managed to become the best battle royale game this year. Although the Sausage Man game or commonly called the sausage game is still a new mobile game, Sausage Man has already reached 1 million users.

Because the Sausage Man game belongs to the battle royale game category, one of the ways this game works is to use rifles and other special equipment as support. You must have the best weapons in order to win on the battlefield.

One type of weapon in the Sausage Man game is a sniper. The use of sniper weapons does have to use a scope, no wonder this weapon is rarely used. However, not a few players store sniper weapons even though they don’t have a scope because the sniper has quite a lot of damage.

Are you interested in using sniper weapons to fight in the Sausage Man game?, precisely this article, Ulingame will recommend the best sniper weapons in the Sausage Man game that you can use below.

What is Sniper

What is Sniper

Sniper, also known as sniper, is a useless weapon if you don’t use a scope. However, many players keep their sniper weapons until they get a scope. In addition to being very far away, this sniper has enormous and deadly damage. Only with 1 or 2 bullets to kill the opponent.

Best Sniper Sausage Man

Being the last player alive, definitely requires the best weapons. One of them is using Sniper or long distance. This sniper is quite deadly and is very feared by opponents. With just one or two shots, it is guaranteed to instantly kill the opponent.

So what are the best Snipers in the Sausage game? Here is the order of the best Sniper rifles below.

AWM’s Best Rifles

awm 4

The first best rifle in the Sausage Man game is the AWM. Is the best Sniper that players can only get through a supply drop. AWM is also considered the deadliest rifle in Sausage Man, because it has enormous damage.

The types of bullets used by AWM are also different from other Sniper weapons, but this AWM cannot be denied that the AWM Sniper is the best that appears in Sausage Man. That’s why this rifle is the main choice for Sausage Man players. Even when the enemy uses a level 3 helmet and armor, it can be easily disabled using this AWM.

  1. Base damage: 120
  2. Firing rate: 1.85 seconds
  3. Damage per second (DPS): 65
  4. Time to kill: 1.85 seconds
  5. Can be found at: Crate / Supply Drop

Best Rifle M24

M24 3 Best Sniper Sausage Man

The M24 is one of the two Sniper rifles with the best bolt action rifle type in the Sausage Man game. The M24 is one of the easier rifles to find compared to the AWM. The M24 uses 7.62mm ammunition.

Even though it doesn’t have attack damage like AWM, the M24 is able to paralyze its opponent with just one shot if it hits the head. To make M24 weapons more deadly, you can add various attachments, such as scopes, magazines, muzzles.

  1. Damage : 79
  2. Rate of Fire : 5
  3. Range : 86
  4. Capacity : 5
  5. Stability : 62

Best Rifle Kar98

Kar98 2 Best Sniper Sausage Man

The Kar98 is one of the best sniper rifles you can use. This Kar98 sniper weapon is known as a one shot kill rifle. The reason is, the Kar98 sniper is very suitable for long-range shooting.

Kar98 really helps you against enemies who wear helmet level in matches. Kar98 has also become the favorite sniper of Sausage Man players.

  • Damage : 75
  • Rate of Fire : 4
  • Range : 79
  • Capacity : 5
  • Stability : 68
  • Ammunition Type: 7.62mm
  • Attachment : Muzzle, Sight, Stock

Best Rifle MK14

Mk14 1 Best Sniper Sausage Man

MK14 is a semi-assault rifle type sniper rifle. Weapons with 7.62mm bullets have 61 damage.

In addition, MK14 has supported 10 perclip bullets. In terms of design, this weapon is very unique and good. However, to get this M14 the player must open it from the Supply drop.

  1. Base damage : 61
  2. Firing rate : 0.09 seconds
  3. Damage per second (DPS): 678
  4. Time to kill : 0.18 seconds
  5. Can be found at: Crate / Air Supply

Mini14 Best Rifle

Mini14 1 Best Sniper Sausage Man

This last weapon that Ulingame will discuss is not a sniper weapon but a Marksman Rifle or better known as DMR. DMR weapons can indeed be used long distances and can replace snipers.

The best Marksman Rifle that you can use as a sniper is the Mini14. Mini14 has a fairly low recoil making it very easy to use over long distances. Even another advantage of the Mini14 can be attached to the X15 scope attachment. This can help you shoot your opponent from a distance making it easier to aim.

  • Damage : 53
  • Range : 75
  • Recoil Rate : 45
  • Bullet Speed ​​: 60
  • Ammunition Type: 5.56mm

Tips to Become a Pro Sniper

Tips to Become a Pro Sniper

A Sniper player always has an important role in every Battle Royale game battle. Because, with Sniper you will be easier to crush and get rid of opponents from a distance. However, the fact that the rifle is not always the main determining factor for victory. Well, this time Ulingame has prepared the best tips and tricks on how to become a pro Sniper player in Sausage Man.

  1. Using the type of lethal weapon as above.
  2. Adjust Recoil & Crosshair
  3. Added a large Scope & other Attachments.
  4. Looking for an open place or an open feel.
  5. Global Sensitivity Settings, Lens & Gyro.
  6. Often practice in training mode.

The final word

Those are the 5 best sniper weapons in Sausage Man for sniper players or those who like long-range combat. Hopefully the information above can be useful and don’t forget to follow Ulingame to get more information about online games.