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25 Ways to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator & Have Kids 2022

How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator – Simulator games are similar to The Sims which is currently on the rise. To achieve the achievements of the game Sakura Simulator, many players are looking for how to get married in Sakura School Simulator.

As a life simulator game with the theme of Japanese culture, players can also have romance and get married in the game. Players initially only live life as students at the Sakura Town High School.

For players who have played the game Bully on PS 2, Ulingame, the taste of the Sakura School game, also has similarities to Bully and GTA. The most exciting thing in the game is that you can do any activity like the real world, for example eating, drinking, socializing, making friends, and marrying the partner you want too.

Sakura School can indeed get married and have a family and children. For those of you who are curious about how to get married in Sakura School Simulator, see the review below.

Terms of Marriage at Sakura School

Married Terms

It’s not just The Sims whose gameplay is a life simulator game. Sakura School Simulator can also find a partner, have a house, get married and have children.

In Sakura School Simulator, players actually live a life that is almost the same as humans in general, such as getting married and building a household. But it’s not uncommon to know how to get married in the Sakura School Simulator game, now Ulingame will share the method with Sakura School players.

To get married, you definitely have to pass 3 conditions before the character of the player actually gets married. The following are the requirements for how to get married in Sakura School Simulator below.

  • Giving Seduction

    Before giving Love Potions, players must give words of seduction to women both in terms of clothes, other hairstyles.

  • Costume Dress

    Before getting married in Sakura School Simulator, players must wear a wedding dress in the form of a dress (woman) and a wedding suit (Tuxedo).

  • Love Potion

    The last condition is to give Love Potion to the idol of the heart. You can find Love Potion items on the hospital roof and female character rooms.

How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

After the player knows what the requirements for marriage are, the next step is to the process of getting married in Sakura School Simulator. It doesn’t take long, just look at the method below.

1. Edit Women’s Costume

Wedding Dress How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

Open the Sakura School Simulator game then select Select Costume. If you have changed the female costume (Girls) use wedding dress. Players can also edit hairstyles, eyes and add accessories to make it attractive through the features above.

2. Edit Men’s Costume

Tuxedo Suit

The next step, click the menu Character Change then select Character Boy. After that create a male character (Boy) using wedding suit (Tuxedo). Players can also add hairstyles and accessories as desired. If everything has been edited, please click the back button or Back.

3. Take a Love Potion

Love Potion

Next, you have to go to the house of the female character who will be married to get a Love Potion item. To get it you just go into the woman’s room.

4. Giving rags

Says Seduction How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

After getting the Love Potion, you can go directly to the female character you are going to get married and then give a little deadly seduction or praise like rags and then give Love Paotion, it can be guaranteed that the female character will immediately fall in love.

5. Changing Character

Change Character

The next step you have to change the character as before and for the female character will automatically change to a male (Boy).

6. Change the Wedding Dress

Change Dress How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

Enter the house, the male character (Boy) will automatically chase the woman until she enters the house. Then enter the room and change into the Wedding Dress.

Wedding Chapel How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

Change the character to return to being a male after that open the Talk menu then press Carry to bring the female character to the Wedding Chapel or Wedding Building. To go to the Wedding Chapel, you just press the menu and select Wedding Chapel.

8. Asking the Pastor’s Blessing

Ask for Blessing How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

When you arrive at the Wedding Chapel, then meet the priest. Then give a little praise to the pastor in order to bless and help get married. Exit the Wedding Chapel.

9. Start the Wedding Acara

Invitation Guest How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

The wedding will take place soon. If the marriage is witnessed by many people, it means that your marriage is in progress and successfully married.


Press Hug & Kiss the female character and then successfully married. Congratulations ^^

How to Have Children in Sakura School Simulator

After successfully getting married in Sakura School Simulator, you can live a life like husband and wife, one of which is HAVE CHILDREN. But to get a baby in this game is quite unique, you only need a special potion available at Sakuma Corporation. For more details, just see how to have children in Sakura School Simulator below.

1. Go to Sakuma Corporation Store

Go To Sakuma 1

The first step is to go to the Sakuma Corporation store.

2. Buying Special Potions

Buying Special Potions

Arrive at Sakuma Corporation’s shop and buy a special potion called Big Face Smist & Small Mist the price of the potion is the same as 500 yen.

3. Looking for People


If you have bought the potion, then come to Amusement Park and look for people that are around you.

4. Give Special Potion

Give Potion

Give potion Big Face & Small Mist to the people you have met. Then the size of the person will turn small, like a baby

5. Give Praise


Give Praise to him as much as 5 times.

6. Done

Bring Home

Hold the baby and bring it home because it has become a child of your family.

Things to Avoid

Things you should avoid when playing Sakura School Simulator below.

  • Beating other characters
  • Pick up Police mobile
  • Drugged your own friend
  • Mocking other characters
  • Enter Himawari Yakuza Room


Can the Sakura School Simulator game be played offline?

This Sakura School Simulator can be played via Android and iOS devices by Online and Offline.

The final word

That’s how to get married and have children in Sakura School Simulator. Not only completing missions, you can also get married and have a family. But it’s a shame to have a baby, you can’t do it like real life, like getting pregnant first and then giving birth.

Although all players hope that one day Sakura School Simulator can bring new, more realistic features, from getting pregnant, giving birth, living life with a husband and wife after marriage and even getting married. PLAY WITH SAKURA SCHOOL with other friends and family. The above discussion that can provide may be useful for Sakura School Simulator players.