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12 Mobile Legends Heroes With the Most Newest Skins in 2022

Mobile Legends Hero With the Most Skins – The Mobile Legends game has become a MOBA game phenomenon since 2022 until now, it is still popular and in great demand by various groups of children, teenagers and even parents.

There are so many interesting things in Mobile Legends, from gameplay mechanics, battles, appearances, lots of heroes to adding skins which are the proudest things besides winrate and rank.

The skin itself is a costume item that players can buy using diamonds. The function of the skin gives an attractive appearance to the hero that the player uses to look cool compared to other players who do not use the skin.

In addition, skins in the Mobile Legends game also provide additional effects on heroes such as attacks, magic attacks and HP, this can obviously help when the game has just started. But Ulingame will not discuss the effects of skins, but the Mobile Legends hero skins with the most skins are as follows.

Mobile Legends Hero With the Most Skins

1. Most Miya Skins

Miya 1

Miya is one of the best Marksman heroes at the beginning of the release of the Mobile Legends game. As a Marksman role, Miya has 3 very perfect skills, namely being able to disappear with ultimate, crowd control skill 2 and fast attacks.

The following is a list of 9 Miya Mobile Legends skins.

Miya skinsPrice (Diamonds)
Moonlight ArcherDefault
Burning Bow – Elite599
Christmas Carnival – Epic Limited Events
Captain Thorns – Starlight Limited Events
Honor – Limited Edition Honor 599
Modena Butterfly – Legend Magic Wheel
Sweet Fantasy – Special 749
Suzuhime – Special Events
Jungle Ranger – SecondaryFirst Top Up S18

2. Most Alucard Skins

Alucard 1

Having undergone a change in skin from the initial version, Alucard became the most feared Assassin Fighter Mobile Legends hero with a very large lifesteal. The following is a list of the most Alucard Mobile Legends skins.

Alucard SkinsPrice (Diamonds)
Demon Hunter Free
Lone HeroFree
Fiery InfernoSeason 2
Child of the Fall – EpicEvents
Viscount – StarlightStarlight Member 12/2022
Romantic Fantasy – Special749
Obsidian Blade – LegendMagic Wheel
Empire AgentLimited Time Events
Lightborn – Striker1089

3. Most Saber Skins


Saber is the most favorite Assassin role hero at this time. This hero is very effective in 1 on 1 (By1) battles. This Saber has 8 skins that players can use. The following is the order of the Saber Mobile Legends skins.

Saber SkinsPrice (Diamonds)
Spacetime Swordmaster – DefaultFree
Golden Flash – SecondaryFree
Force Warrior – StarlightLimited
Codename – Storm – LegendMagic Wheel
Full Metal Ronin – Elite 599
SABER Regulator – Epic899
Onimaru – EpicLimited
Silver EdgeFirst Top Up S20

4. Most Nana Skins


Nana is a Support hero who has the most skins too, which is seven skins. With a body like a child, making all of Nana’s skins the cutest and cutest. Here’s the Nana Mobile Legends hero with the most skins below.

Nana’s SkinPrice (Diamonds)
Sweet Leonin – DefaultFree
Clockword Maid – Elite399
Graveyard PartySeason 1
Slumber Party – Elite599
Wind Fairy – SpecialMPL Exclusive Skin
Mecha Baby – Epic899

5. Most Karina Skins

Karina Hero Mobile Legends With the Most Skins

Hero Karina is also an Assassin hero who is currently a prima donna among Epic and Legend tier players. Especially if you have mastered it, players can easily get Savage easily. And to add to the fun while playing, you can use the Karina Mobile Legends skin as follows.

Karina’s SkinPrice (Diamonds)
Shadow Blade – DefaultFree
Phantom Blade – Elite399
Black Pearl – StarlightFragment
Spider Lily – Elite599
Doom Duelist – EpicLimited Events
Leona – KOFKOF Event events
Gemini – Hello – ZodiacLimited
Blood MoonFirst Top Up S17
Christmas Carnival – Elite599

6. Most Layla Skins

Layla Hero Mobile Legends with the Most Skins

The next hero also includes having the most skins with a total of 8 skins, namely Layla. The longest hero in Mobile Legends. Layla is known as the easiest hero to use for novice players. Thanks to its enormous attack and far enough range. Here are 8 Layla Mobile Legends skins.

Layla’s SkinPrice (Diamonds)
Malefic Gunner – DefaultFree
Green Flash – Secondary269
Bunny Babe – StarlightFragment
Cannon and Roses – Special749
Blue Specter Limited Events
Classic Malefic GunnerLimited Classics
SABER Breacher899
Blazing Gun899

7. Most Zilong Skins

Zilong Hero Mobile Legends With the Most Skins

Zilong is the fighter hero with the most skins with a total of 9 skins. But Zilong’s hero lacks interest in Mobile Legends, Although it’s quite strange, Zilong has everything he needs during a match. The first skill in Zilong can give a crowd control effect to the opponent, while the second skill is the blink skill which can catch up to the opponent and finally the ultimate by adding 30% Movement Speed ​​and 45% Attack Speed.

Zilong SkinsPrice (Diamonds)
Spear of Dragon – Default Free
Elite Warrior – Elite399
Eastern Warrior – Starlight Fragment
Shining Knight – Elite 599
Changbanpo Commander – Epic Events
Christmas Carnival – Special 749
Loyal Spear – First Top Up S19 First Top Up S19
Summer Waves – Summer 749
Glorius General – Epic 899

8. Most Moskov Skins

Moskov Hero Mobile Legends with the Most Skins

Moskov is the deadliest Marksman hero in Mobile Legends, Moskov has great damage during the late game, Moskov is famous for the stun skill that is the most feared by opponents because Moskov can stun 5 heroes at once. Moskov also includes the most skin heroes with a total of 8.

Moscow skinsPrice (Diamonds)
Spear of Quiescence – DefaultFree
Spear of Bone Dragon – Secondary269
Snake Eye Commander – StarlightFragment
Yasha 250
Javelin Campion – Special749
Twilight Dragon – EpicEvents
Decapitator – Elite599
Blood Spear – Epic899

9. Most Gusion Skins

Gusion 1 Hero Mobile Legends with the Most Skins

The last hero with the most 9 skins, Gusion, who has the Mage Assassin role, is the favorite hero of professional players and good players in Mobile Legends. Although it is difficult to use, Gusion is often played by players and also has very cool skins.

Skin GusionPrice (Diamonds)
Holy Blade – DefaultFree
Moonlight Sonata – Secondary269
Hairstylist – Elite599
Cyber ​​Ops – StarlightFragment
Dangerous Liaison – Special749
VENOM Emperor Scorpion – Epic899
K’ KOFKOF Event events
Cosmic Gleam – LegendMagic Wheel
Night Owl – CollectorEvents

The final word

Thus the list of Mobile Legends heroes with the most skins in the 2022 version of Ulingame. With a variety of skins, it will certainly make the match more exciting. Is there your mainstay hero skin in the list above? If so, don’t forget to write in the comments column below.