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This is the Next FF Incubator May 2022 After Parafal Immortal Ragers!

This is the Next FF Incubator May 2022 After Parafal Immortal Ragers!

Incubator Free Fire (FF) is one of the best types of bundles in Free Fire. Therefore, the players are looking forward to the presence of the event at every opportunity.

Free Fire conceptualizes Incubator as a series of skins with the same theme but different colors. Its always cool appearance makes players feel proud when they have it, so rarely anyone feels a loss to have the serial skin.

Currently we are still presented with 3 In 1 and Parafal Immortal Ragers in the Luck Royale Incubator. After a month has passed, one of these gun skins will expire in some time.

Are you curious about the next Incubator FF bundle in May 2022? Come on, see the leak below, Spinners!

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Next FF Incubator Bundle May 2022

As confirmed by Kulgar and, the Incubator titled Burning Myths is an Incubator that will soon be coming to Free Fire to replace the role of Parafal Immortal Ragers.

This bundle brings the theme of a superhero-like outfit that looks really cool with a Phoenix aura. This bundle has different colors and different characters.

As reported by beritabooyah, Incubator Burning Myths is an Incubator that presents 4 types of Bundles at once, where all four bundles can be used by male characters.

Here are the names of the four Incubator Burning Myths bundles:

  • Phoenix Zeal Bundle (Gold)
  • Phoenix Zest Bundle (Blue)
  • Phoenix Zing Bundle (Red)
  • Phoenix Zap Bundle (Green)

Interestingly, you can also combine these bundle sets with other items, and create your own version of the bundle look.

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That’s the leak of the next Incubator FF bundle, where we will have a Phoenix-themed bundle as a replacement for the previous Incubator weapon.

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