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Supporting Esports Progress, Ichitan Holds Mobile Legends Championship

Supporting Esports Progress, Ichitan Holds Mobile Legends Championship

Ichitan held a national-scale Mobile Legends Championship, this activity could be a means of proving the capabilities of Mobile Legends fans in Indonesia.

Ichitan is a product-focused company ready to drinkone of Ichitan’s superior products, namely Ichitan Brown Sugar Milk, which is famous for its tagline “Rasa Elite Doesn’t Use Hard” has succeeded in winning the hearts of Indonesian consumers again to strengthen its position by entering the esports community.

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Through this event, Ichitan provides support for the development of the esports community in Indonesia.

The increase in esports players in Indonesia is supported by current technological developments, Ichitan sees that esports is a place that has the potential to be supported and continues to be developed so that the nation’s children are able to compete at national and international levels.

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Fight for the Total Prize of 75 Million Rupiah

With the Ichitan Mobile Legends Championship, it is hoped that it can fulfill the enthusiasm of the esports community in Indonesia to continue to compete, so that they have a place to show and hone their skills. The Ichitan Mobile Legend Championship will be held in 6 different regions throughout Indonesia with a total of prize pool reached 75 million Rupiah.

The Ichitan Mobile Legends Championship will be held on May 26 – June 5, 2022. Registration opens April 10 – May 19, 2022.

After registering, the participants must first follow the round open qualifier with system single elimination to determine the 2 winning teams in each region who will enter the group stage with a total of 12 teams.

Next the 12 teams will be divided into two groups and compete for a position in the top 8 and then enter the round playoffs with a 3 match system up to grand final.

The tournament will also be enlivened by two people caster who of course are familiar, namely Pak Pulung and Ranger Emas.

Competition semifinals and grand final will be broadcast live on 4 – 5 June 2022 on YouTube Ichitanindo, and can be watched throughout Indonesia.

For those of you who want to prove your skills in playing Mobile Legends, you can directly register yourself via the following link

For more information, see all @ichitanindo social media accounts and the website.

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