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Here's How To Get Hero Julian For Free From Mobile Legends!

Here’s How To Get Hero Julian For Free From Mobile Legends!

Julian will finally be the newest hero to be released by Moonton into Mobile Legends in the near future.

The hero is a fighter with special abilities who of course is predicted to dominate the Land of Dawn.

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Interestingly, the hero can also be obtained for free so you can be sure that the battle points you have will be safe.

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Only Boost M-World’s Fragments

To be able to get Julian’s hero for free from Mobile Legends, of course you only need to exchange the M-World fragments that you have with Raven Emblem.

Later if you have successfully exchanged the fragment, the emblem will automatically enter your inventory.

After that, you can immediately exchange the Raven Emblem with Julian if the hero is already available in Mobile Legends.

When Can It Be Exchanged?

The emblem can later be exchanged on May 24 along with the Mobile Legends patch update which is expected to be present on the same date.

This of course makes you still have at least two weeks to be able to collect as many M-World fragments as possible to be able to exchange them with Julian.

Seeing the Yin price that is set at 100 Fragments, then at least you need the same amount to secure the new Mobile Legends hero.

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