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Meaning of Poke in Mobile Legends

Meaning of Poke Mobile Legends – Mobile Legends is a MOBA online game application that has various specialist heroes in the game, for example, Poke, is a fairly well-known term in Mobile Legends. Although the word poke is often spoken by many people, not many players know what poke Mobile Legends means.

When you feel bored playing Mobile Legends, of course players often see one of the heroes who has poke facilities, about this for novice players, they certainly don’t understand the meaning of poke in Mobile Legends.

Therefore, on this occasion Ulingame will present a discussion about what poke means in the Mobile Legends game and its explanation. Now for Mobile Legends game players, it would be nice to follow the following full review.

For Mobile Legends players, they must understand what Poke means, namely basic mechanics that are useful for players to understand. Well, for players who don’t know more about the meaning of Poke, this time Ulingame will provide a complete explanation of the Poke hero specialist in ML below.

Meaning of Poke Mobile Legends

Poke Meaning

For most MOBA genre games, the term Poke itself is taken from English which means to poke. Therefore, Poke itself is to poke or repay the enemy using skills continuously with not too big damage and Poke is very useful for planning to take over lane control.

Poke is also often known as a hero specialist, has a fairly fast Cooldown skill and has the ability to make it difficult for enemies in Mobile Legends.

Poke in the Mobile Legends game is suitable for rioting in the early game, this is quite helpful for players to make it difficult for enemies when farming in Mobile Legends. With the skills you have, the enemy will be overwhelmed when fighting in the early game.

Especially for players who like to play hero role mages or support. Doing the right poke is very important because players are expected to do big damage and be able to repel opponents from the lane.

Hero Poke in Mobile Legends

There are several Poke heroes that users can use when playing Mobile Legends in Ranked or Classic mode, some of which are as follows, Ulingame will share which heroes and skills are Poke heroes in Mobile Legends.

1. The Meaning of Poke Nana

Nana 1 Meaning of Poke Mobile Legends

The first Poke hero is Nana’s hero with the Molina Smooch skill that can turn enemies into cute dolls and the other skill has a fast cooldown and is one of the mainstays for Nana’s hero to give Crowd Control to the enemy.

2. The meaning of Poke Diggie


The second hero is Diggie who is a Support role hero who has a Poke skill. The Poke skill issues an Auto Alarm Clock, in which Diggie will throw the alarm clock which can give CC to the opponent.

3. the meaning of Poke Vexana

Vexana 1 Meaning of Poke Mobile Legends

Next is the Mage relay hero with a poke specialist that you can use, namely Vexana. Like where Vexana has a skill that really annoys the opponent. In addition, the damage that will be given to the Vexana skill cannot be underestimated anymore.

4. The meaning of Lunox pokes

Lunox 1

Lunox is a Mage Poke hero role that has 2 different types of skills. Players can use skills to attack and skills are used to run from enemies. One of the heroes that is quite easy to use, because it has a great escape skill.

5. Meaning of Kagura

Kagura 1 Meaning of Poke Mobile Legends

Kagura is a Mage Poke hero who can attack opponents from a distance using Kagura’s umbrella. Kagura can attack opponents from a distance easily, and is one of the strongest Zoner mage heroes to push opponents.

The final word

Those are some explanations about the meaning of Poke in the Mobile Legends game from Ulingame. Hopefully, the discussion on the meaning of Poke above can be useful and add insight for Mobile Legends players.