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10 What Is Cheating In Mobile Legends & Tips To Avoid

What is trolling in Mobile Legends – What is the meaning of troll in Mobile Legends that ML players must know before playing it. Of course, as a MOBA player, you often hear the word troll.

The word troll is often spoken by players who usually do not really understand what it means troll. Even if you don’t understand the basics, that’s all.

Trolls themselves have become fixated in the domestic community, which has become a term for a MOBA player. Although many players already know what trolling is, not all of them understand it.

For ML players who don’t understand deeper, you can listen to the review below, where Ulingame will review the term troll. For players who want to know, here is what Ulingame has prepared in full, what is trolling in Mobile Legends.

What is Rolling Mobile Legends

What is MlNtrolling

Rolling in Mobile Legends is the act of a partner playing Mobile Legends who intentionally does annoying things to make players annoyed and frustrated on purpose.

Actually the term troll has been around for a long time on the Internet, according to Urban Dictionary, an internet troll is someone who makes controversial, irrelevant or off-topic things into the online community.

Players who troll in this Mobile Legends game can be done by anyone. Most people play Mobile Legends not just to win the game but to just have fun.

There are various forms of trolling, ranging from hero selection, using strange items, Feeder, not helping friends and others.

Mobile Legends Rolling Hero

For Mobile Legends players who like to troll when playing ranked, they usually like to use heroes who have troublesome skills for their teammates.

Here are some heroes that are often used to do what is troll in Mobile Legends.

1. What is Jawhead

Jawhead 1

The first hero who is already known as one of the subscription heroes for trolls is Jawhead. With the two Ejector skills you have, you can benefit and harm your teammates. Of course, this depends on the goals and intentions of the players who use Jawhead.

Because the Jawhead Ejector skill can throw the target in the intended direction. For Mobile Legends players who often troll, of course what is meant is their own teammates.

In an urgent situation such as losing a fight team, your opponent will definitely have the ambition to catch up with the rest of your teammates who are still surviving. Well, in conditions like this you can use the two Ejector Jawhead skills to throw friends who are nearby and then throw them at the opponent to become a sacrifice.

Luckily, Mobile Legends has provided an item to overcome the Jawhead troll, namely the Odd Potion item. When a teammate has purchased an Odd Potion item, it is immune and then you can’t throw another teammate. You can only throw your opponent to keep or get closer to the circle of one team.

2. What is Johnson

Johnson 2

In addition to the Jawhead hero, Johnson is also often used to troll, especially for teammates. When using Johnson, he often brings teammates around the map without you knowing where to stop.

If you’re lucky, you can be brought down to an opponent who needs players when the team fights, but it’s not uncommon for players to be dropped when Johnson hits the wrong place. For example, hitting the opponent’s tower and being brought to the opponent’s base.

3. What is Estes

Estes What is Rolling in Mobile Legends

This support type hero is also often used to troll because it can irritate teammates.

The worst drag that was done to Estes was when the team was fighting and then the HP of his teammates was low or dying, but Estes was too late to ulti and didn’t even issue the ultimate skill at all.

This of course makes teammates die from running out of life and Estes is considered a support troll.

4. What is Franco


Franco is one of the most annoying heroes because with a hook skill he can disturb friends or opponents while buffing or killing jungle monsters.

Franco’s hook skill can pull jungle monsters out of the boundary circle causing a jungle that is almost dead to reset.

5. What is Grock

What Grock is Rolling in Mobile Legends

The last trolling hero, Grock with skill two, can take out a wall. If the position of the wall is correct, it can save a teammate when being chased by an opponent.

However, there are not many walls issued by players who use Grock, which makes teammates trapped in bad positions and easily killed by opponents.

Tips to Avoid Rolling Players

Tips for Avoiding Trolls What is Ngetroll in Mobile Legends

There are several tips that you can do to avoid the following players troll.

  1. Play Mobile Legends with friends.
  2. Avoid forbidden hours or common time played by many children.
  3. Polite when in game.
  4. Don’t annoy your teammates.
  5. Don’t get emotional.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion about what trolling is in Mobile Legends as well as a list of heroes and tips to avoid trolls when playing Mobile Legends ranked mode. Hopefully the above review can help MOBA gamers find out what a troll is and how to deal with the Ulingame version.