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List of Mobile Legends Zodiac Skins Price & How to Get

List of Mobile Legends Zodiac Skins – This game made by Moonton has presented a lot of skins in Mobile Legends. But among the many skins in Mobile Legends. There is one Mobile Legends skin that many players are interested in, namely the Zodiac Skin.

Zodiac is a certain event in Mobile Legends that is only issued once a year and changes continuously every month. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people have been waiting for the release schedule for the Zodiak skin list.

If you buy a Zodiac skin, players will get prizes in the form of Zodiac recall effects and exclusive designs for free. Luckily, every 1 Zodiac skin will reduce 10 space draws so that the more Zodiac skins players will get, the number of gacha needed will continue to decrease.

The following is information about the list of release dates, price lists and how to get all the Zodiac skin lists in Mobile Legends below.

List of Zodiac Skin Release Dates

List of Zodiac Skins

For players who want to get Zodiac skins in Mobile Legends, please note the list of Zodiac skin release schedules that Moonton has prepared below.

Skin NameHero NameRelease Date
Aquarius AuroraDecember 22 – May 19
Capricorn MartisMay 20 – May 18
PiscesLancelot19 Feb – 20 May
AriesHildaMay 21 – May 19
TaurusMinotaurMay 20 – May 20
Gemini Shadow SelenaMay 21 – June 20
CancerZhaskJune 21 – July 22
LeobodyJuly 23 – August 22
VirgoOdetteAugust 23 – September 22
LibraLunox23 September – 21 October
ScorpioHelcurtOctober 23 – November 21
SagittariusIrithelNovember 22 – December 21
Gemini HelloKarina May 21 – June 20

Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin Price List

Zodiac Skin Price

For the price of the Zodiak skin itself, players must draw in the Zodiak Summon event section in the Shop which requires approximately 1200 to 2000 Crystal of Aurora (COA). If the player does not have that much COA, the player can use Diamond Mobile Legends instead of COA.

How to Get Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin

How to Get Zodiac Skins

Here’s how to get a list of zodiac skins in Mobile Legends as follows.

  1. The first step is to open and run the Mobile Legends game.
  2. In the Mobile Legends lobby view, click the button Shop on the left of the screen.
  3. Then in the Shop section, click the menu list Draw.
  4. After that select Zodiac Summons.
  5. Press Summon until you get some list of skins you want.

1. Aquarius – Aurora

Aurora Skins

The list of the first Zodiak Mobile Legends skins was started in May by the hero Aurora Mage. Usually, this Aquarius skin will be back in May.

2. Capricorn – Martis

Capricorn Skins

The next Mobile Legends hero to get a Zodiac skin is Martis role Fighter. Players can get Capricorn skins every May.

3. Pisces – Lancelot


This Assassin type hero has received a Zodiac skin named Pisces, namely Lancelot. The Pisces Lancelot skin will be available again in the Shop in May.

4. Aries – Hilda


The next Zodiac skin is the Hilda Mobile Legends hero with the Fighter/Tank role. Now players can have the opportunity to get this skin in May.

5. Taurus – Minotaur

Taurus Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin List

Minotaur is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who get the Zodiac skin. For players who want to have a Taurus skin, they can wait for its presence in May.

6. Gemini – Selena & Karina – Hello Gemini

Gemini Skin 1 List of Mobile Legends Zodiac Skins

Selena and Karina also get Zodiac skins by Mobile Legends. Players can get in June.

7. Cancer – Zhask


Zhask also includes a list of heroes who get a Zodiac skin called Cancer. To get the Cancer skin, players have to wait for its arrival in July.

8. Leo – Badang

Leo Skin List of Mobile Legends Zodiac Skins

The list of the eight Zodiac skins is a hero from Malaysia, Badang. If you want to have the skin, you have to wait in August.

9. Virgo – Odette


On August 23, 2022 Moonton has presented a Virgo-themed Zodiac skin for Odette’s hero.

10. Libra – Lunox

Libra Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin List

Then in mid-September 2022, Moonton has released a new Libra-themed Zodiac skin given to Lunox.

11. Scorpio – Helcurt

Scorpio Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin List

The next Zodiac skin is Scorpio which has been given to the Helcurt hero in Mobile Legends. Skin Socpio has been released by Moonton on October 23.

12. Sagittarius – Iritel

Sagittarius Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin List

The last skin that Mobile Legends has released is Sagittarius for the Iritel hero. The Sagittarius skin will be available again for players to get on November 22.

The final word

A few discussions about the list of Zodiac skins in Mobile Legends starting from the list of release dates, the price list of the Zodiacs and how to get them that players need to know. Maybe that’s all the information Ulingame can provide, hopefully it can help Mobile Legends players not to miss the desired skin.