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How to Unbind Free Fire Account Via Facebook, Gmail & VK

How to Unbind Free Fire Account – Maybe some people feel bored playing Free Fire. So that a lot of players choose to delete or unbind Free fire accounts that are already associated with social media services such as Facebook.

In addition to feeling bored, the main goal of players unbinding FF accounts can be because they want to change the link of an already connected account. Therefore, you can transfer all Free Fire account data from FB to Google or vice versa.

In the Free Fire game, there is a special registration method for players using mobile devices. Where you need to connect or bind via Facebook or an email address, just like the PUBG Mobile game.

What happens if you feel bored playing Free Fire? Of course, you have to delete or unbind your Free Fire account first. So, here is Ulingame’s summary of how to unbind a Free Fire account easily and quickly.

How to Unbind Free Fire Account

Ulingame has emphasized that unbinding an FF account is not an easy thing. Where this is much different from how to bind a Free Fire account. How to unbind your own FF account can be done via Facebook, Gmail and VK accounts.

How to Unbind FF Account Via Facebook

Making your own FF account unbind is quite easy to implement, so you don’t have to worry if you want to know how to unbind or unlink. Here’s how to unbind a Free Fire account via Facebook below.

  1. The first step is to open FB which has been linked to the Free Fire game.
    Open Facebook How to Unbind Free Fire Account
  2. Then press on the bottom right of the screen you will see the icon Triple Line.
  3. Then proceed by selecting the menu Settings & Privacy in the below section.
    Privacy Settings 1
  4. In the new view then select Arrangement.
    Select Settings How to Unbind Free Fire Account
  5. After entering the settings page, just press Apps & Websites.
    Apps And Websites
  6. Please search the game application Garena Free Fire.
    Garena Free Fire
  7. Then at the top press the button Wipe.
    Click Delete
  8. Done, you have successfully unlinked your FB account on your Free Fire account.

How to Unbind FF Account Via Google Play Game

Via Google Play Games

If your Free Fire account is already linked to a Google Play Games account, for how to unlink it, you must follow the method below.

  1. Open and run the Google Play Games application then enter the menu Arrangement.
  2. After that enter the options Installed Applications.
  3. Then search and select the application Google Play Games Services.
  4. Then in the Application information section, press the button Clear Data.
  5. Return to the Homescreen section and search for the application Gmail.
  6. Next enter the menu Email Settings and select an option Account Access.
  7. Finally, look for Free Fire account access and press the button Remove Access after that press Confirmation then OK.

How to Unbind FF Account Via VK

Via Vk Account

The way to unbind the next FF account can be tried if it is already associated with a VK account, for more details, follow the steps below correctly.

  1. The first step Login VK account.
  2. Then enter the options section App Settings.
  3. Then Search Garena Free Fire game application.
  4. Next press the icon Teeth and choose Delete Application.
  5. Done, the player has successfully removed the account link from VK.

The final word

That’s the discussion about how to unbind the Ulingame version of the Free Fire account via Facebook, Google Play Games and VK along with the process of deleting the linked account. Hopefully it can help Free Fire players who don’t know how to unbind.