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How to Logout & Change Sausage Man 2022 Account : Easy & 100% Work

How to Logout & Change Sausage Man Account – Since the release of the game Battle Royale Sausage Man, it has become the most popular game to play. This Battle Royale game is able to make players addicted to playing the Sausage game.

Every Sausage Man player wants an account with the highest rank and kill history or having a lot of wins will increase the KD of the account.

In order to reach the highest rank, players usually have different accounts to practice AIM when PLAYING SAUSAGE MAN. So that the rank on the main account will not decrease.

For users of the Sausage game who are still confused about how to log out and change accounts or leave the Sausage Man account, Ulingame has summarized it in full below.

How to Log Out of Sausage Man Account

The first way you need to do is log out of the Sausage Man account. Many players are confused about how to log out of the account and change the Sausage Man account. If you can’t log out of your account, then you can also change accounts and create a new account. Check out the following method.

  1. The first step you need to do is login to your Sausage Man account first.
    Sausage Man Account Login
  2. If you have successfully entered the Sausage Man lobby, select the profile photo icon in the upper left corner.
  3. After that press the Logout button, in the lower right corner of the screen.
    Click Change account or Logout

How to Change Sausage Man Account

After successfully logging out of the Sausage Man account, after that you can change accounts. So how do you change your Sausage Man account? see the method below.

  1. Log out as described previously.
  2. Then enter the menu Tap Sign In with Tap Tap.
    Sausage Man 1 Account Login
  3. Next, log in by entering your email or active mobile number so you can get a verification code from other Sausage Man accounts that have previously been registered.
    Enter Mobile Number or Email
  4. Wait until the verification code is sent via email or even if the mobile number is still active.
  5. If you have received a verification code, then enter the verification code in the column provided.
    Enter Verification Code 1
  6. Then you will automatically enter into the desired account.

How to Create a New Account

Then what if you want to create a new Sausage game account using an email that has never been used or has not been linked to a Sausage Man account? The method is quite easy.

The method for creating a new Sausage Man account is the same as the Sausage Man login method as explained above by Ulingame. You just enter a new email or mobile number that is not connected to a Sausage account, here are the steps to make it.

  1. The first step into the game Sausage Man.
  2. If the old account hasn’t been logged out, it’s best to log out first like the method above that Ulingame has explained.
    Enter the Menu Sign In Tap Tap
  3. Enter an email or mobile number that has never been linked to a Sausage Man account.
    Enter your mobile number or email
  4. Wait until you get a verification code that will be sent via email or mobile number.
  5. Enter the verification code, then press Agree.
    Press Agree Create Account
  6. Then you have successfully created a new Sausage game account.
  7. Select a gender and enter a nickname for the new account.
    Create Character

Cause Cannot Change Sausage Man Account

Cause Cannot Change Account How to Logout Change Account Sausage Man

Although the method of changing accounts is fairly easy to do, there are still some users who often complain because they fail or cannot change accounts. In order to avoid the problem of failing to change accounts, it’s a good idea for you to know some of the causes of not being able to change the Sausage game account as follows.

  1. Internet network connection is not stable.
  2. Haven’t updated to the latest version of Sausage Man.
  3. Incorrectly entered the change account verification code.
  4. The Sausage Man game is currently doing maintenance or fixing bugs in the game.

The final word

Maybe that’s all Ulingame can provide regarding information on How to Logout and Change Sausage Man Accounts and create a new Sausage game account and the cause of not being able to change accounts.