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8 Tips for Playing Sausage Man for Beginners 2022

Tips for playing Sausage Man for Beginners – The Sausage Man game or Sausage Game has recently become a topic of discussion by gamers in Indonesia. Sausage is able to provide interesting gameplay and can make users entertained because of the cartoon theme.

Sausage Man is a Battle Royale game that was just released on June 29, 2022 in several Southeast Asian regions such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

In Sausage Man, players will take on the role of a sausage character, but not for eating, but the sausage will run, jump, creep, shoot, drive vehicles and win matches to get No. 1 of all party kings.

Here, Ulingame has fully summarized the tips for playing Sausage Man for novice players or the basic knowledge that beginners need to know before playing Sausage Man.

Tips for playing Sausage Man for Beginners

Now for Sausage Man players who want to get No. 1 from all party kings continuously, here Ulingame will share tips for playing tips for the following beginners.

1. Landing in a Lonely Place

Landing in a Lonely Place

The first tip that players need to know is the landing location. As in Battle Royale online games in general, the landing location is one of the important things that must be considered.

Tips from Ulingame, find a quiet place to land. Because if you land in a quiet place, there will be more time for the initial boot option.

Also make sure to always jump together with your playmates. So if you are unlucky to go down in a crowded place, at least there are friends who can help.

2. Tips for Choosing Weapons When Playing

Selection of Weapons Tips for playing Sausage Man for Beginners

The second playing tip is the selection of weapons, because the selection of weapons is very important when playing Sausage Man, the goal is to be able to win continuously the battle. Due to the limited loot time, make sure players take only the items they need such as weapons, medkits, drinks and others.

In order to get BEST WEAPONS to finish off all enemies, try to loot weapons such as SMG or Assault Rifle when you get off the bus. Because this type of weapon is easier to make the enemy fall than other twilight.

Like other Battle Royale games, Sausage Man also has its own recoil level. You have to keep practicing and look for the most appropriate and easy-to-master weapons.

3. Tips for Finding Dragons When Playing Sausage Man

Looking for Dragon

The presence of dragons in the Sausage Man game is very useful for players. Where players can become dragons to finish off their enemies very easily in order to get No. 1 of all party kings.

This dragon usually appears mid-battle. Notifications when the dragon appears that will appear an icon marked with a question “?” on the map in the Sausage Man game, when it appears the player must quickly go to the icon. But to get a dragon is quite difficult, because it is also possible that there will be many other opponents who want to get a dragon, so you have to be careful because this includes playing tips in order to win the battle.

4. Tips for choosing a costume to play Sausage Man

Selection of Costumes Tips for playing Sausage Man for Beginners

A little unreasonable, but the fact that the selection of costumes that you will use also affects your victory in the Sausage Man game is one of the key tips for playing. There are many colorful costumes, you can use them to camouflage with the environment.

According to Ulingame, try to wear green costumes and accessories because most areas in the Rainbow Sausage Man map are green. Avoid costumes that are brightly colored because they can attract the attention of your opponent.

5. Sausage Man Control Settings for Beginners

Setting Control Tips for Playing Sausage Man for Beginners

The next tip is no less important, namely setting control. If you are a novice player who is playing the Battle Royale genre game for the first time, you will play using the default control settings. Although the default settings are the settings commonly used by novice players in the Battle Royale game in general, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these settings are suitable for each person’s playing style.

Before playing, it would be nice for players to learn the control settings in Sausage Man and set them according to the player’s comfort. If you are confused about how to set control, Ulingame has previously made an article about 2 FINGER CONTROL SETTINGS & 3 FINGER which you can use while playing.

6. Beginner Player Sensitivity Settings


These tips are very important to hold the recoil so that when shooting it doesn’t shake or the bullet will go straight, so novice players can use Gyro & No Gyro, Global and Lens Sensitivity.

For novice players, they are confused about how to set it up SAUSAGE MAN SENSITIVITY Gyro, Lens and Global to be straight when shooting can see the article that Ulingame has included.

The final word

Those are some tips for playing Sausage Man for novice players so they can easily get No. 1 of all party kings. Hopefully the information that Ulingame has shared regarding the above playing tips can be useful for Sausage Man novice players.