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The 12 Best Sausage Man & Deadliest Weapons of 2022

Sausage Man’s Best Weapon – Sausage Man or better known as the sausage game is one of the best Battle Royale games today. In terms of the number of downloads, Sausage has reached more than 1 million users even though it is a new game.

Special equipment that is able to support performance in order to survive is certainly needed. One of the mandatory equipment that players must have and pay attention to quality is weapons.

Weapons are an important aspect that you must know in the battle of Sausage Man, one of which is the Rainbow Island map. With a fairly large distribution in Sausage Man, there are many weapons that are used most often, for example AR / SMG and Sniper.

Before looking into the list of Sausage Man’s best weapons, you should first identify the types. The following are the types and types of the best Sausage Man weapons that you must know as follows.

Sausage Man’s Best Weapon

Now for those of you who want to get No.1 of all party kings easily, here are the 10 best sausage game weapons that you can use on the Rainbow Island Map.

1. M416

M416 1

The M416 weapon is one of the best favorite sausage game weapons that is often used by sausage game players. The M416 uses 5.56mm green bullets and is known as an assault rifle and has a very fast fire rate. The M416 is quite difficult to use when shooting long distances if you don’t use a supporting ATTACHMENT to dampen recoil.

There are also several attachments that are suitable for use with M416 weapons, namely Vertical Foregrip, Scope X4/3X and Compensator.

2. Energy Machine Gun

Energy Machine Gun

Energy Machine Gun is a very unique Energy Weapon weapon itself by having Energy 60 bullets, plus no scope like Red Dot. Become one of the best weapons in the second Sausage Game after M416.

3. Kar-98


Sniper weapons are quite popular and include the best weapons, the easiest to find, namely the Kar98. Indeed, compared to the Sniper M24 and AWM, this Kar is probably the weakest. In addition, the Kar98 weapon is the favorite of many players.

4. M24

M24 1

If you already hold this M24 weapon, players must use an X8 or X6 scope and Suppressor. But both are attachments that are difficult to find, maybe at least you should use an X4 scope and Flash Hider as a replacement because they are easier to find.

The M24 sniper has a bigger attack than the Kar98K, the bullet speed on the M24 is also faster than the Kar, this proves that a shot using the M24 will reach the opponent faster. When aiming at the head, the enemy will immediately knock if it hits the headshot.

5. AUG


The AUG A3 is the fifth most painful weapon in the game Sausage Man after the M416 and AWM. AUG is a type of Assault Rifle that uses the same 5.56mm bullet as the M416 and Scar-L.

AUG has 43 damage but with damage per second it can reach 502 which is quite far. Unfortunately, sausage game players are not interested in it because the reloading process from the AUG weapon takes a long time even though it’s already using Fast Ext Mag.

6. Groza

Groza 1

Groza is the best 7.63mm bullet weapon in Sausage Man’s Assault Rifle class, the deadliest and has a pretty sadistic firepower.

Groza’s weapons have fairly tough recoil, but can be offset by massive damage at close range.

7. Scar-L

Scal L

The next best weapon, the Scal-L, is one of the deadliest weapons in Sausage Man. This Scar-L weapon can be used fully automatically in X4 scope. With the resulting bullet speed of about 5.56mm-7.62mm.

8. AKM


The AKM is an improved version of the original AK-46 weapon which is quite popular among Battle Royale games as a secondary weapon. The AKM can produce a greater attack than some other Assault Rifle weapons, but this AKM has a lack of recoil.

9. AWM


AWM is the best sniper weapon chosen to be the favorite of Sausage Man players. For those of you who have played Counter-Strike or Point Blank, this AWM weapon is better known as the Magnum.

The AWM weapon itself has the nickname One Shot One Kill, no wonder the AWM is the most sought after and feared weapon by many Sausage Man players.

10. UMP9


UMP9 is a Submachine Gun that has low recoil so it’s easy to control. UMP is the best weapon that is quite lethal without flying bullets.

UMP9 is quite stable and hurts when dueling in close quarters. Besides that, it is very easy to get it. When you get down from your parachute, you must have seen UMP9 in the buildings of the Sausage Man map.

The final word

Those are the 10 best Sausage Man weapons that you can use on the Rainbow Island map. Look forward to other discussions about Sausage Man which you can read through the Ulingame website. Hopefully the information about the best weapons above is useful and you can try all of the weapon lists.