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How to Change the Flag of Mobile Legends 2022: 100% Free

How to Change Mobile Legends Flag – Mobile Legends is the best MOBA-based online game that has a flag feature in the game, you can change the flag easily in Mobile Legends, here is a review on how to change the flag.

The function of the flag in Mobile Legends is as an identity, the flag itself makes players come from any country by using the country from the flag. However, not all players use the flag of their respective countries, many Indonesian players also use foreign flags.

Changing the flag itself doesn’t show that you’ve actually switched servers from the country you’re currently occupying, it’s just that it’s often associated with each player’s fun.

Ulingame this time will provide a way to change the Mobile Legends flag easily, safely and quickly. For those of you who are curious, just look at how to change the flag below.

What is the Effect of the Mobile Legends Flag?

Before entering the main topic of discussion about how to change the ML flag. Does changing flags in Mobile Legends really matter when playing Ranked or Classic? On this occasion Ulingame will provide an explanation of the influence of flags in Mobile Legends as follows.

1. Meet Foreign Country Players

Meet Foreign Country Players

When players use flags other than Indonesia, you will often meet players who use foreign flags. This is because it is very likely that the ML system will provide a few filters during match making. When using the Indonesian flag you will often meet Indonesian players too.

2. Meet Player Noob

Meet Player Noob

Usually Mobile Legends players when using foreign flags make them meet noob players. This is of course the influence of the Mobile Legends flag. Usually a country that often feeds when playing is by using the Myanmar flag. Besides being annoying, players like this are very detrimental for players who play seriously.

3. Selfish Player

Meet Selfish Player

In addition to meeting noob players, you will also meet very selfish players. You can be selfish when you play Classic or Ranked Draft Pick mode, there must be foreign flags choosing heroes at will without contributing to the team’s shortcomings (don’t want to give in).

4. Getting Easy Wins

Get Easy Wins

The influence of the next Mobile Legends flag is that it can help or make it easier to win when playing. Because you often meet players who are usually called noobs and don’t understand your gameplay playing with the pros.

5. Match Making Faster

Speed ​​up Match Making

Another advantage is that you will get faster match making when using foreign flags in Mobile Legends. This is certainly a positive thing for Mobile Legends players.

How to Change Mobile Legends Flag

For players who want to change the Mobile Legends flag, it’s very easy, please do the following ways.

  1. The first step is to enter the Mobile Legends game with a stable network.
  2. After entering the game, then go to the profile menu at the top left of the screen.
  3. If you are already in the profile menu, the next player only needs to press the flag icon
  4. The flag icon is to the right of the account profile photo and to the left of the account name or nickname.
    Go to Profile Menu
  5. Next, please press the flag icon, then an option will appear to change the flag.
  6. After the flag selection appears, please choose one of the flags you want.
    Choose Country
  7. Then there will be a notification to change the flag, then click OK.
    Click Ok To Replace
  8. Done, you have successfully changed the flag in Mobile Legends with ease.

When changing the flag you have to be careful, because you can only change the flag once for free. To change the next flag you need an item called the National Flag Card to change the flag.

Not only that, the price of the National Flag Card item itself is quite expensive, so you really have to choose the right country as a country later. Then for players who want to get a National Flag Card and change their name at a later date, players must buy items at the Shop, for how to buy them, see below.

How to Buy a National Flag Card

The function of changing the country’s flag itself is to take part in matches between countries or National Contests, for players usually use countries with fewer players in order to take part in the contest. Here’s how to buy a National Flag Card as follows.

  1. Login Mobile Legends, then go to the Shop menu.
  2. After that go to the Prep menu and click the special menu.
    Open Prep Then Go To Special
  3. In the special Prep Menu, please search until you find the National Flag Card item as shown above.
    Tap To Buy
  4. Done, you have managed to find the National Flag Card item.

The final word

Thus the review and explanation of how to change the Mobile Legends flag that has explained. Hopefully the information above can be useful and can be a good reference source for Mobile Legends players.