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5000 Cool Names For Games and Their Meaning : Popular & All Games

Cool NameIt meansEndeavorHero in the academic hero anime, Hero with a fiery soulBlack swordsmanblack swordsmanOxygenOxygenSpyspyBadassIntimidating the enemyLoLyeahCute and adorableKomodo dragonAnimals are protected in IndonesiaCommanderCommander in ChiefRogerMalignantVaporE-cigaretteSolicitudeAttentionccrsxxSpam accounttamagoJapanese foodNicotineLove live anime charactersLamperougeThe hero of the dark in the anime Code GeassSuzakuCode Geass anime charactersShirleyFemale character in code geassTuturuuMayuri Steins;gateelpsykongrooOkabe Rintaro Steins;gatesmashMidoriya in the anime my hero academicSugoi Words are often spoken in animeTrojanStealing and controlling computersWormComputer viruses are harmless but spread quicklyransomwareA malicious computer virus can cause a computer to run and lagspywareComputer viruses can steal and control computersMalwareA malicious computer virus can make the computer a lot of ads and click itselfMutantGenetic aberrations show superhuman abilities and qualitiesJokerAntagonist in batman movieJoeThe characters in the anime ashita no joeBubblegumChewing gum.Bomberman Suitable for games that like to burnHawkSuitable for players who like to observe and analyzeMegatronTransformers movie charactersGrim ReaperNickname Killer of lifeThe snakemechanicMicrowaveOvenKittyCool names for cute girlsDominatorSuitable for players who like captionsRampageRampageBlack widowEncouragertyrexOne of the names of extinct dinosaursfireboyzSuitable for people who have a burning soulguinevereWife of King ArthurcyclopsIs with one eye in Roman and Greek mythologyBig BoysSuitable for sultan accountsAckermanThe strongest clan is in the anime shingeki no kyojinbarracudaOne of the fish namesRaizenThe strongest Yu Yu hakusho characterauroraNatural phenomena at the North PoleAngelAngelPopolOne of the heroes in the mobile legends gamewrathAngryGreedGreedyPridearrogantDestroyerFor people who are good at eradicating enemiesBubblesEat a lotRuinerdestroyersaveTo reproach a man who is considered too obsessive with a womanmiracleWonderMagerLazy to moveSabebFree slang in IndonesiacabsIndonesian slang for going homeXoxoIt means kiss and hugRoftlLaugh out loudAnjuAnother wordCerealsOne of the snacksBredelForcibly stop publishing and circulationauntyAunt’s EnglishBokisSlang lie or deceitbombadStupid slangmoveSlang moves placesbondanStands for crazy boychubbychubbyrockFierce/cool pronounCaurUgly/BadchawWords to run/runPijayNicknames for hangoutscyntSlang for loved onesJackpotFor people who are vomitingJarPulSlang words for rarely coming homeKamyuYouRichboyzrich man/SultanGodHandHand of GodmegalodonThe extinct shark speciesDragonA dragon that is a mythological creatureMedusaThe greek mythological creature The One and Only in the Gorgons is not immortal.MinotaurHalf-human bull star who likes to eat humansorthrosGreek mythological creature where the Dog has two headsPegasusGreek mythological creature with winged horse ever riddensirenThe Greek mythological creature, the half-bird woman who kills sailors with a song.GorgonsGreek mythological creature with Three brothers has snake hair and fangs.AhoolIndonesian mythological creature shaped like a bat.GarudaIndonesian mythological creatures symbol of the state of Indonesiamy sweetheartIndonesian mythological creatures in the Kerinci arealeakIndonesian mythological creatures are in the city of BaliBanaspatiIndonesian mythological creature with fireball shapeChaosHeadOtaku main character as heroPainCool names of characters in narutoBadboyzBad peoplehydraHydrozoa class predatory animalsAlphaThe first and last letters of the Greek alphabetBetaThe second letter of the Greek alphabet.MarsPlanet Mars