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Game Jockey Services 2022: Method & Income

Game Jockey Services – Game jockey services are one of the professions that emerged after the moba game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) was booming in Indonesia.

Although it is often underestimated, in fact the jockey profession provides very lucrative benefits. Most pro players who offer game jockey services are teenagers.

Because he is a pro and often gets village, city or national champions, of course, many pro players take advantage of their ability to find currency by playing online games to offer online game jockey services such as PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends.

During the corona pandemic, Andra and Anang admitted that they were flooded with clients. Usually, you can only get 1-2 clients a day, but during the pandemic, it jumped to 15 clients until it had reached 38 people in 1 day.

What is a Game Jockey Service?

You gamers must have heard of or used the services of game jockeys to improve KDA, Level Up, Rank in an online game. It tends to happen in MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games, especially in competitive shutters, so many third-party actors appear to offer their expertise in playing a game at different rates. This is what the jockeys do to help lazy players make progress without much effort.

How to Open a Game Jockey Service

On this occasion, Ulingame will provide a way for game jockey services to be successful, for those of you who want to know, just take a look at the full article below.

1. Have Pro Skills

Have Pro Skills

Before opening a game jockey service, first make sure you have pro skills so that the jockey process can run well and smoothly. Apart from having pro skills, of course it will not make your Jokian account a minus, because it will decrease your reputation in the eyes of customers. If the reputation is bad, your game jockey service will be quiet and there will be no more fans.

2. Having a Big Name in the Game

Top Global Hero

Having a big name or being known in an online game can also drastically affect your good reputation. To get a big name in online games you have to be a global top. Either from top global hero or top global tier.

3. Practice diligently

Practice diligently

At this point, it is no less important in running a game jockey service business. The more you practice, of course your playing skills will be more pro to become a game jockey.

4. Determine Rates

Mobile Legends Price

For this, you can determine the rate with a game level system or a contract. If oriented to the game level, every time you level up you can set a certain price. Unlike the contract system, game participants are rented for an agreed time. If it is not level-oriented, clients will usually use a contract system with players who are really pros at playing the game.

5. Promotion

When starting a game jockey business, you certainly need a promotion so that your services can be known by many people. You can start promotions with friends around you. In addition, you can also use social media as a place for promotion.

6. Always Update

At the last point, you will of course be required to always update about online games. If you are always updated, you will understand what types of games are liked by many people.

Game Jockey Service Income

Jockey services have varying prices, ranging from IDR 5,000 to level up per star to IDR 250,000-300,000 thousand to level up to Mytic. But it also depends on the initial level of the client’s account.

During the pandemic, the turnover achieved was up to Rp. 60-80 million. This income has not been distributed to workers, each of these 2 jockeys can pocket a net income of around Rp. 10-15 million per month. But jockeys employ other jockeys, so they are called workers. With a profit sharing system, workers can get 50-75%, depending on the mission and target level being worked on.

Mobile Legends Jockey Service Prices

Tier Mobile Legends

Having the highest rank in Mobile Mobile Legends is probably one of the goals of all game players. Not only for showing off, but a high rank can also provide more benefits for players, such as exclusive skins and more battle point prizes at the end of the season. The following is a list of prices per star of the Mobile Legends game.

  1. Warrior IDR 2,000 per star
  2. Elite IDR 3,000 per star
  3. Masters IDR 3,000 per star
  4. Grandmaster IDR 4,000 per star
  5. Epic IDR 8,000 per star
  6. Legend IDR 11,000 per star
  7. Mythic IDR 23,000 per star

For example, if you are in the rank of Grandmaster V with 0 stars, you only pay Rp. 40,000 to go up to 5 stars. With a fairly normal price, you only pay Rp. 45,000. Or you also want to go up from the Epic V tier to Legend V (25-star jockey), you only need to pay Rp. 250,000. This price saves Rp. 50,000 more than the normal price, which is Rp. 300. 000.

PUBG Mobile Jockey Service Price

Tier Pubg Mobile

The prices offered by tier jockeys are very varied. The following is a list of prices for PUBG Mobile jockey tier services.

Jockey Service Price – TPP. (Solo/Duo)

  • Rank : Bronze – Silver 55,000
  • Rank : Silver – Gold 70,000
  • Rank: Gold – Platinum 120,000
  • Rank: Platinum – Diamond 140,000
  • Rank : Diamond – Crown 275.000
  • Rank : Crown – Ace 405.000

Jockey Service Price – TPP (SQUAD)

Rank : Bronze – Silver 60,000
Rank : Silver – Gold 75.000
Rank : Gold – Platinum 160,000
Rank: Platinum – Diamond 180,000
Rank : Diamond – Crown 285.000
Rank : Crown – Ace 410,000

Benefits of Jockey Services

In every job, of course, there will be a number of benefits that can be obtained. The advantages of these jockey services include the following.

  1. Trusted
  2. Already have Reputation
  3. Already many customers
  4. Fast Process
  5. Safe account
  6. Will not get banned for not using cheats
  7. Cheap price

Loss of Jockey Service

Although jockey services have advantages, that doesn’t mean they don’t have disadvantages. As a consideration for you, here will Ulingame give some of its disadvantages.

  1. The reputation of the jockey is still in question
  2. Account Hacked
  3. Old Process
  4. Tier drops and KDA is broken
  5. The risk of getting banned because the jockey uses an illegal program

The final word

Those are some ways to start a game jockey service business according to’s version. With a fairly cheap capital because it is only a hobby, with income from this jockey service, it can also be a promising source of your income.