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Full List of Sausage Man 2022 Weapons & Scope

Complete List of Sausage Man Weapons – The recently released Battle Royale game, Sausage Man, commonly known as the Sausage Game, was developed by XD Entertainment.

For new users of Sausage Man, the most important thing when playing is choosing the right weapon so that you don’t lose easily when fighting with your opponent.

That said, the collection in the Sausage Man game is quite similar to the PUBG Mobile game. Although the gameplay of this Sausage Man game is with cute sausage characters like cartoons, the choice of weapons is also quite realistic.

Each weapon will have a different recoil, so it is important for you Sausage players to fully understand the following.

Complete List of Sausage Man Weapons

In the following, Ulingame will share a complete list of Sausage Man weapons or viral sausage games, so that you can play this funny game well and become No. 1 of all party kings.

Complete List of Assault Rifle Weapons

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle is the most effective weapon in the game Sausage Man. By combining the advantages of 2 types of weapons, namely the Light Machine Gun, this type of weapon has a large enough pekuru capacity and a high level of accuracy.

Perhaps these advantages make it one of the most favorite Sausage Man weapons for Sausage Man users. Very supportive at the beginning of the battle until the end if added with ATTACHMENTS.

  1. AUG
  2. Groza
  3. QBZ
  4. M416
  5. M16A4
  6. SCAR_L
  7. AK-12
  8. AKM

Complete List of Machine Gun Weapons

Machine Gun

This machine gun weapon is commonly referred to as the Light Machine Gun, a weapon that relies on speed when shooting, so fast that the direction of the bullet that is fired is not on target because it exceeds the speed of the Assault Rifle type weapon.

This LMG weapon is very suitable for medium and long range combat.

  1. Gatling Gun
  2. DP-28
  3. M249

Complete List of Shotguns


Shotguns are Sausage Man’s weapons suitable for use in close combat and are included in the category of the sickest weapon. However, due to their bullet spread, Shotguns are not suitable for long range combat over 10 meters.

  1. S1897
  2. S686
  3. S12K
  4. KSG

Complete List of Sniper Gun Weapons

Sniper Complete List of Sausage Man Weapons

Sniper is an excellent One Shot One Kill weapon and is useful for shooting long range targets. Sniper is a Sausage Man weapon that can kill an opponent with a level 3 helmet in one shot if it hits a headshot.

Of course, using a sniper weapon requires pro skills. To make things easier, players can use the Sausage Man scope to help target the opponent on target.

  1. Kar98
  2. AWM
  3. M24

Complete List of Submachine Gun (SMG) Weapons

Submachine Gun

The Submachine Gun is one of the brightest weapons in close combat scenarios. Having a Fire Rate, the time it takes to shoot the next bullet, can be said to be fast compared to other weapons. One of the favorite features of the Submachine Gun is the low recoil, making it suitable for beginners to the Sausage Man game.

  1. UMP9
  2. TommyGun
  3. UZI
  4. Kriss Vector
  5. P90

Complete List of Marksman Rifle

Marksman Rifle Complete List of Sausage Man Weapons

This DMR weapon or rifle is very suitable for medium to long range combat, although sometimes it is used for close-range. The combination of high damage along with a fast fire rate makes DMR weapons the best choice for distances of more than 50 meters.

In the game Sausage Man, this type of DMR is often included in the sniper weapon category.

  1. MK14
  2. credits
  3. Mini14
  4. SLR

Complete List of Sausage Man Scope

Complete List of Scope Complete List of Sausage Man Weapons

The complete list of scopes in the Sausage Man game is an additional item that is mandatory to use before doing battle. Using a scope can make it easier for players to aim and shoot at opponents who are far or near.

  1. Red Dot/Holo/Iron Sight
  2. 2X Scope
  3. 3X Scope
  4. 4X Scope
  5. 6X Scope
  6. 8X Scope
  7. 15X Scope

The final word

So much information about the complete list of Sausage Man weapons or better known as the Sausage game that Sausage Man players should know. Hopefully the article above that Ulingame has shared can be useful and can help you choose the best weapon so you can get No. 1 of all party kings easily.