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10 Ways to Rename Free Fire Free 2022: Free & Easy

How to Change Free Fire Name for Free – Having a unique game name can make other people focus wrong, of course, changing the name in the game or what is commonly called the game nick name also applies in free fire.

Free fire players usually change their names uniquely so that they can be recognized with their own characteristics. Usually also because they want to look cool or be known as a pro player.

Skills in making attacking strategies and hand agility are needed here. Not a few people who make cool names, for example like BTRXZuxxy, BANG ALEX, EVOSxMcboy and many others.

Even if you change the name of the game uniquely, friends will have no trouble finding you in the free fire game with an ID number. The current problem is to change the cool name of free fire, it’s not free, you have to use diamonds. But don’t worry, on this occasion Ulingame will provide a way to change the name of Free Fire for free.

How to Change Name

How to Rename Free Fire 1

In addition to using characters in Free Fire, don’t forget that every player must use a name or Free Fire in the ingame. Your name (Nickname) will be one of your identities as Free Fire players.

Many players use cool and unique names to make it seem like a mystery while playing Free Fire. Ulingame will discuss how to change the name Free Fire free 2022.

1. Enter game login

Enter the Free Fire Game

The first thing players do is log into Free Fire then wait for the loading screen, log in to the main page.

2. Go to profile

Open Ff Profile Menu

After being on the main page or lobby, open your Free Fire account profile. The trick is to press your account profile photo at the top left of the screen.

3. Change Nickname

Change Nickname

After that you will enter the profile. To change the name of Free Fire, click the pencil picture box below the profile photo. It is located on the top left.

4. Enter a new name

Enter new name FF

Enter the new name you took from COOL NAMES FREE FIRE. Then, click the 390 diamond button to rename Free Fire.

It should be noted that changing the name on Free Fire is not free. Until now there is no way to change the name on Free Fire for free. Players must buy 390 diamonds to change the name of Free Fire. However, if you want to change the name of Free Fire for free, you must have the Change Name item. To get it must require patience. Therefore, if you want to quickly change your name, you must have 390 gems.

Tips for getting a name change

Tips for Getting Change Name Items

Before trying it, you need to know that these tips can work or fail depending on the luck of each player. It’s only because of a new bug that many players have tried it.

But you can get diamonds for free by participating in events from Garena Free Fire. So it’s been confirmed that you can change the name of FF for free. But for those of you who don’t have diamonds at all, it never hurts to follow the method that Ulingame will explain below.

  1. The first step is to log in to your Free Fire account first.
  2. If you have entered the lobby, then enter the Free Fire profile.
  3. Go to the shop menu, then press the item that is already available, then search for and select the Rename Card type item.
  4. After getting it, press the Rename Card item a maximum of 10 times.
  5. Do it like players buy with diamonds.
  6. Next, do the purchase method using diamonds 5 times.
  7. After pressing 5 times, you turn off your cellular data or wifi for a moment then turn on the internet network again.
  8. Then enter the Change Name menu. Then press the diamond button a maximum of 10 times, press “Sure”.
  9. If the player is lucky, 390 diamonds for renaming will be zero or free to get an item to change the name of FF.


That’s how to change the Free Fire nickname for free for you Free Fire players, where the method is very easy without using diamonds or changing nickname items. That’s what can convey to FF players, hopefully the article above can be useful and don’t miss other Ulingame articles about online games.