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15 Ways to Buy Shirts at Sausage Man & 2022 Prices

How to buy clothes at Sausage Man – For users of the Battle Royale game, you must be familiar with Sausage Man, better known as the viral Sausage game on social media such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube and others.

But the most interesting thing about Sausage Man is the character that looks funny. As a Sausage Man player, of course, players want to have a variety of clothes or outfits available in Sausage Man.

With a cartoon-style appearance that is far from realistic in Sausage Man, this is the selling point of this Sausage game. Sausage Man has cute and fun characters to play, especially if you buy a variety of cool items at Sausage Man.

Of course, to buy some items you have to top first. If the player already knows how HOW TO TOP UP SAUSAGE MAN it will certainly be easier to buy clothes or outfits at Sausage Man.

Prices of clothes in Sausage Man

Before going into the main discussion, it would be nice for players to know in advance that the main thing to consider before buying clothes is to have lots of Candy or Coupons. About the amount of Candy that you need to pay to buy Sausage Man clothes as follows.

Shirt Name & Price

Hum Pig Set : 360 Candy

Flo Chan Set : 1500 Coupon

Rescue Pioneer Set : 1500 Coupon

Youth Ski Set : 1500 Coupon

Sweetheart Girl Set : 1500 Coupon

Blezing Battlesuit : 600 Coupons

Hard Hit : 400 Coupon

Playful Assistant Suit : 300 Coupons

Lan Charge : 150 coupons

Interesting Baseball Uniform : 300 Coupons

Yellow Holy Cloak : 100 Candy

How to buy clothes at Sausage Man

If you want to buy clothes at Sausage Man, it’s actually quite easy and all outfits in Sausage Man, players can also get clothes for free by participating in the Event.

1. Open the Sausage Man App

Login Sausage man 2 Ways to Buy Clothes at Sausage Man

The first step, please open the Sausage Man application.

Go To Menu Shop

On the lobby page, the player selects the Shop menu which is on the left in the middle corner of the screen.

3. Choose clothes in the daily feature

Select the Feature Item menu How to Buy Clothes at Sausage Man

After that, select one of the clothes in the Daily Features.

4. Press Item Candy

Complete Payment

Then press the Candy item (as shown above) to complete the payment.

5. Select View All

Exchange Coupon How to Buy Clothes at Sausage Man

In addition to the Daily Features, players can also buy clothes in the Coupon Exchange menu. Please press See All in order to display a selection of clothes.

6. Looking for clothes

Choose an outfit How to buy clothes at Sausage Man

Choose the clothes you want to buy.

7. Complete Payment

When you get the clothes you want to buy, then complete the payment by pressing the Coupon icon.

How to Buy Outfits for Free Sausage Man

Up to this point, players may have understood how to buy Sausage Man clothes through the Shop menu. In addition to buying the method above, players can also get clothes at Sausage Man for free. Here’s how to get free clothes below.

Open the Season Pass menu

Login to Sausage Man, then open the Season Pass menu in the lower left corner of the screen.

Season Pass Menu

On the next screen the player presses Open Golden Season Pass.

3. Choose the Golden Season Pass

After that the player will be asked to select the Golden Season Type. Make a Regular edition for 300 Candy. While the Premium edition can be purchased for 1200 Candy.

4. Payment Confirmation

Payment confirmation

After that, complete the payment by pressing the Candy icon and make sure the amount of Candy you have is sufficient for all the total payments.

5. Collect All Prizes

Collect all the prize items that have been obtained by pressing the take all button. On the Season Pass players can get weapons, emoticons and various Epic outfits for free as a gift from buying the Golden Season Pass.

How to Change Sasuage Man’s Shirt

After you have successfully purchased the Sausage Man outfit, Exchange Coupons and Golden Season Pass, then you can use the clothes you just purchased for classic battles. So, here Ulingame will share how to change Sausage Man’s clothes.

Open the Warehouse Menu How to Buy Clothes at Sausage Man

Login to the Sausage Man game then open the Warehouse menu.

2. Press Outfit

Then select the Outfit tab on the next screen.

3. Choose Clothes

Choose the Outfit That Will Be Used How to Buy Clothes at Sausage Man

Then you will find a list of clothes that players have. Please choose one of the clothes that will be used according to your own wishes.

The final word

That’s an explanation from Ulingame on how to buy Sasuage Man clothes and the price of clothes, get clothes for free and use Sausage Man Outfits. Hopefully the above article can be useful for users of the Sausage game in Indonesia or Malaysia and Singapore.