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Attack Assist Main Wanwan Mobile Legends Active or Not?

Maybe some of you are still wondering about the attack assist feature when playing Wanwan Mobile Legends whether it’s active or not? This is the answer SPIN version.

One of the important features in Mobile Legends is called attack assist. Where this feature is made specifically for playing attack speed heroes, for example, Wanwan.

But is it really important to activate this feature when playing Wanwan? Surely that question arises from those of you who want to learn or launch your Wanwan hero gameplay.

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Attack Assist On/Off?

attack assist

According to SPIN Esports, this attack assist feature is at your discretion to activate or deactivate it.

But if the advice is from us, you better have to deactivate it when playing Wanwan hero. Why should it be disabled?

All of this is done so that when you issue Wanwan’s basic attack it’s smooth to attack or run away from your opponent, even you can move while issuing basic attacks when the feature is disabled.

It’s much different when the feature is active, your basic attack feels stiff as if controlled by the system, besides that you can’t move while issuing basic attacks.

Wanwan mobile legends
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Things like that are very dangerous, where you originally wanted to run away from your opponent but instead seemed to be controlled by the system to attack your opponent.

That’s the answer regarding whether or not the attack assist feature must be active in Mobile Legends when playing Wanwan. Everything goes back to your own taste, yes, but if we suggest you have to turn it off.

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