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Nathan Will Get a Buff, Can You Go Back to Meta Mobile Legends?

Nathan Will Get a Buff, Can You Go Back to Meta Mobile Legends?

Hero Marksman, which has now disappeared from circulation, has finally returned to get a buff from Mobile Legends.

After previously upgrading the attributes, now the Ultimate has been slightly improved. Will this buff have a good impact on Nathan in the future?

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Latest Nathan Buff Details

Nathan's Buff
source: ig @grangerml.2


  • Reverse Clone grant attribute ratio increased from 30-35% to 35-40%

It looks like a slight increase, but of course this affects because Reverse Clone is Nathan’s main attack when using Ultimate.

If we are in the early game, it may not be felt because the attributes are still small, but when we enter the late game, we will certainly feel it because we have used a lot of items.

The conclusion is that this buff is quite good even though it doesn’t fully boost Natan and maybe this hasn’t made Natan trusted again like a meta during MPL ID Season 8 where this hero became one of the keys to the ONIC Esports team’s victory.

Looking at his current performance, Natan is still not reliable because his performance has come a long way since getting a big nerf in the previous few patches.

Little by little Moonton is restoring Nathan’s performance so that it is quite balanced and not too OP like before.

Therefore, some buffs are given, especially since this hero will get a Starlight skin soon. In your opinion, what is still lacking for Nathan so that it is balanced and not too OP or weak? Can you write in the comments column?

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