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Not RRQ Hoshi, this is the team with the most damage in SEA MPL!

Not RRQ Hoshi, this is the team with the most damage in SEA MPL!

Even though they won MPL ID Season 9 and played well without ever losing throughout the playoffs (for matches), it turned out that RRQ Hoshi was not the team with the most damage for the SEA (Southeast Asia) region, but this team.

Is it the Indonesian team too or the Philippines team which is famous for its strong players?

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ONIC Esports The Team With the Most Damage in Southeast Asia

The team is ONIC Esports who collected 11,577,626 total team damage during MPL ID Season 9.

ONIC was followed by RRQ as the winner of MPL ID Season 9 with a total damage of 10,389,866, slightly ahead of the team from the Philippines, Omega Esports with a total damage of 10,304,751.

Ahead of the MSC this time, of course, this can be a good investment because it has been proven that even though they lost, ONIC was able to last long enough and inflict great damage. Indeed, this cannot be separated from the higher number of games because ONIC had dropped to the lower bracket. Likewise Omega, who even entered the play-in phase.

It can also be concluded from the total damage where the Indonesian team excels, it can be seen that the Indonesian team is quite fond of kiting and doing poking damage, which is different from the Philippine team, which often plays objectively and has minimal kills. You can prove it for yourself when you see MPL PH where the total kills are often low even though they have entered the mid or late game.

It’s interesting waiting for the MSC 2022 event which will take place later in June 2022 in Malaysia, which team will be the champion, right?

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