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9 Ways to Create a Lyto 2022 Account: Easy & 100% Work

How to Create a Lyto Account – Lately a lot of people are asking how to create a Lyto account. Maybe some of you don’t understand or it’s the first time you’ve heard of how to create a Lyto account. Therefore Ulingame will share how to make it, see the article below until the end.

Before going into the topic of further discussion, which game are you players from? Then what platform are you more interested in playing on, consoles, Xbox or mobile phones? You certainly know that currently almost all games provide purchase items or Top Up in the game.

Later items that have been purchased can be used for various purposes in the game to be played. Lytogame which in general is a guard agent for purchasing items or Top Up online games.

But in order to use Lyto services, you must first create an account. The process of making it can be done online on mobile phones and computers. Then what about the conditions for creating a Lyto account? For more details, see the method below until the end.

What is Lyto

Lyto is a top up place like Unipin, Codashop, Google Play Games and others. Lyto can also make purchases for many types of online games, for example below.

  1. Atlantica Rebirth Indonesia
  2. Mobile Legends
  3. Free Free
  4. RF Remastered
  5. Lots Saga Origin
  6. Lord Mobile
  7. Point Blank
  8. Light of Thel : Glory of Cepheus
  9. Call of Duty
  10. Arena of Valor

If you are a player of one of the games above, you can top up or purchase items using Lyto’s services. You should know, purchases through Lyto’s service offer many benefits, from discounts to dancing prizes at certain events.

How to Create a Lyto Account

Maybe some of you are curious and want to know how to create a Lytogame account. Before entering the method, it would be nice for you to prepare the mandatory requirements first as below.

  1. Email (Active)
  2. Stable Internet (Smooth)
  3. Components (Computer/Laptop/Mobile)

If all the conditions have been met, now follow how to create an account as follows.

1. Open the Lyto Website

Go to Lyto Site

The main step is to prepare your cellphone or computer and then open a web browser. In the search field, please fill in the keyword List Lyto. After that, the search results will appear in the form of an official site to create a Lyto account.

2. Fill in the Registration Forum

Register Lyto Account

After that you will be asked to fill out the registration forum which consists of an account name, password, email and verification code. Then click Register.

3. Account Verification

Email Verification

On the next screen, a notification will appear from Lytogame that it has sent an activation link to the email you used. Open Gmail and then follow the instructor in the text of the email from Lyto.

4. Click Activation

Searching the inbox of Lytogame Lyto ID activation after that click Activation on the email that has been sent.

5. Successfully Create Lyto Account

Successfully Create Lyto Account

Until like the picture above, you have successfully created a Lytogame account. Good luck.

How to Edit LytoGame Account Profile

After knowing how to create a Lyto account, you must also know how to complete profile data on a Lytogame account. This process is carried out so that the data in the account matches the identity card so that it can facilitate the verification process which may someday be useful. Then how to edit the Lyto account profile? Check out the complete method below.

1. Login Lytogame Account

Please login to your Lytogame account first using the account that was created earlier.

Edit Profile

In the initial screen, then tap the menu Edit Profile

3. Enter Personal Identity Data

Enter Your Identity

When you tap the edit menu, then Enter Username (according to account) and some other data such as gender, date of birth and unique verification code then click Carry on

4. Account Profile Complete

The last one is that it will switch the view to the homepage and you have filled in the personal data on your Lyto account accordingly.

The final word

That’s how to create an version of a Lyto account, it’s very easy, isn’t it? Above Ulingame also added a way to edit profiles into personal data in Lyto accounts according to identity.

The main purpose of creating a Lyto account is to make it easier for mobile or PC game players to top up balances in online games. For example, if you are a Point Blank player, you can also see it for HOW TO TOP UP POINT BLANK. For the complete way to make a Top Up voucher via Lyto, maybe Ulingame will share it on another occasion.