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13 Best Online Sniper Games Light Spec HD Graphics 2022

Best Online Sniper Games – Playing games is a great way to get rid of boredom or just fill free time. By playing games, you don’t just get entertainment, but to sharpen your brain so you can win the game. One of them is playing the Sniper game.

The best online sniper games are battle or sniper themed games that are currently in great demand by gamers because they offer very exciting warfare gameplay.

If you like playing games with the shooting genre, you must have heard of the best types of online sniper games. In the sniper game the players are required to shoot the opponent in one shot (1 bullet).

Playing sniper games does require vigilance and concentration. The players must be careful and clever in hiding, so that your presence is not seen by the opponent. Now for readers who like to play sniper games, Ulingame will share a list of the best online sniper games that you can play below.

Best Online Sniper Games

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the best sniper games that is being played by many people around the world. PUBG is not a pure sniper-themed game, but players can act as long-range snipers.

The entire PUBG Mobile game. you will play like a sniper because you have to take cover from other players using sniper weapons too in order to get chicken dinner.

Download Linkhere
File Size1.5GB
Minimum Android VersionAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop

2. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury 1

Gameloft has released the best sniper genre online game. The game is called Sniper Fury, this game is included in the ranks of the best sniper games in the world that you can play via Android or iOS.

With stunning graphics, Sniper Fury has 130 missions that players need to complete. There is a PvP Multiplayer Challenge feature, this feature is useful for determining how good your character is compared to other players.

Download Linkhere
File Size55 MB
Minimum Android Version4.3

3. Sniper Arena : PvP Army Shooter

Sniper Arena Pvp Army Shooter 1

The next best sniper game is Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter. This game is Player vs Player which has been developed by Bad Santas Inc., requires the players to be connected to an internet connection while playing.

The players will meet opponents from anywhere (International). Players can also join squads to fight other squads. The graphics of Sniper Arena are quite pleasing to the eye.

Download Linkhere
File Size86 MB
Minimum Android Version4.3

4. Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike

If you like playing games like Counter Strike or Point Blank on PC, you can also try this Sniper game which is similar to CS, namely Sniper Strike. Players can play the best sniper games online with friends for fun.

If you want to try playing the game, you can click the download link below for free.

Download Linkhere
File Size54 MB
Minimum Android Version5.0

5. Call of Sniper WW2

Call Of Sniper Ww2 Best Online Sniper Game

With gameplay similar to that of World War II, which is very gripping, this best online sniper game is a must for gamers to try. Users can feel the sensation of playing games with the feel of World War II in winter (snow).

This sniper online game is one of the best games, because it guarantees its users feel at home with very exciting gameplay, namely Call of Sniper WW2.

Download Linkdihere
File Size60MB
Minimum Android Version4.4

6. Special Ops : Gun Shooting

Special Ops Fps Pvp War Online Gun Shooting

With the theme of destroying enemies in online sniper games with friends, it is one of the best games. There is a wide choice of weapons, maps or maps and very cool dangerous missions.

With the FPS genre, Special Ops: Gun Shooting is one of the best games this year.

Download Linkhere
File Size92 MB
Minimum Android Version4.1

7. Modern Strike Online : PRO FPS

Modern Strike Best Online Sniper Game

If you like the best FPS games? and want to be a member of SWAT to eradicate terrorists? If so, you must try this best sniper game, Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS.

With the advantages of 3D graphics that spoil the eyes of its users.

Download Linkhere
File Size44 MB
Minimum Android Version4.1


Frontline Commando 2

If you play the Frontline Commando 2 game, you can certainly enjoy the many sides of the game to explore more deeply in the game. There are 60 squad members you can create, 40 missions and 13 challenges that you can conquer while playing.

Of course, you can enjoy Frontline Commanddo 2 online with friends.

Download Linkhere
File Size77 MB
Minimum Android Version3.0

9. Counter Attack

Best Counter Attack Online Sniper Game

The next online sniper game, Counter Attack, has offered the sensation of war gameplay with 3D graphics, very cool visuals and effects. With interesting gameplay, the mission is to defuse the bomb, aka defuse the bomb so it doesn’t explode.

Download Linkhere
File Size33 MB
Minimum Android Version4.4

10. Sniper X With Jason Statham

Sniper X With Jason Statham 1

Next is Sniper X With Jason Statham. This sniper game made by Glu has offered the best action film player character, namely Jason Statham as the main character in the film.

Jason Statman plays the role of a sniper sniper who has a mission to eliminate all his opponents.

Download Linkhere
File Size51 MB
Minimum Android Version3.0

11. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper Best Online Sniper Game

Hitman Sniper is a game that has been developed from the cool action film, Agent 47 Hitman. With silent Assassin gameplay, hone player skills and arrange perfect assassinations by completing missions.

To make it like the film Agent 47 Hitman, the Hitman game developer has provided 16 very unique modern weapons that you can use when doing silent assassins.

Download Linkhere
File Size300 MB
Minimum Android Version4.1

12. Sniper Cover Operation

Players will take on the role of commanders to complete tasks against terrorists. As a sniper sniper requires a clear eye and agility because players must be careful when completing their tasks.

Players can also choose a war zone when playing Sniper Cover Operation such as forests, villages, rivers, gardens and others.

Download Linkhere
File Size64.2 MB
Minimum Android Version4.2

13. Highway Sniper Shooter

Highway Sniper Shooter Best Online Sniper Game

The last best Sniper game, Highway Sniper Shooter, players will take on the role of a long-distance shooter tasked with eradicating crime in a city.

As a sniper, you will be equipped with weapons and navigation is used to show the direction you are going.

Download Links
File Sizes
Minimum Android Versions

The final word

Thus a list of recommendations from Ulingame regarding the best Sniper Online games that you can try for free without having to spend money. Maybe that’s all Ulingame can share on this occasion. Hopefully it can be useful and readers can find the best games.