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7 Forgotten Lyto 2022 Account Password: How To Overcome & Simple

Forgot Lyto Account Password – Lyto is an application site that provides online games such as Idol Street 2, Atlantica Rebirth, Super Ojek, Simple Superheroes Wannabe and Kingdom Iron & Blood, and others.

Not only being an online game provider site, Lyto is also a Top Up service provider site such as UniPin, Google Play and the like.

To be able to access the Lyto site, you are required to register or log in to an account first.

Unfortunately, some users often experience forgetting the password that has been created. Then how to solve it? Ulingame will explain how to create a new password when you forget your old password. Listen below.

Forgot Lyto Account Password

By having a Lyto account you can get exciting online games for PC and mobile. Not only that, Lyto is also a site that provides services for purchasing vouchers, items such as Unipin, Codashop, Googleplay and many others.

In order to access the Lyto site, of course, you have to login first. The login process will be prompted to enter a Username and Password. When CREATING A LYTO ACCOUNT, you will of course be asked to create a password with a combination consisting of lowercase letters, numbers and uppercase letters.

However, sometimes some users forget the password they have created. If such a problem occurs, then you cannot login to your Lyto account.

How to Overcome Forgot Lyto Account Password

When you have forgotten your password, Ulingame recommends not to include password data carelessly. Because, if the password is wrong 5 times, the Lyto account will be locked automatically for 30 minutes.

Then how to overcome the forgotten Lyto account password so that you can login again as before? There is only one solution to solve the forgotten password problem, namely by resetting the password. Here Ulingame will share how to overcome and create a new password below.

1. Visit the Lyto Site

First, open the browser on your PC or laptop then visit the Lytogame site. On the home page, select the MyAccount menu.

2. Tap Forgot Password

After the login menu appears, select the forgot password menu

3. Enter Lyto ID

Then a menu will appear to enter the Lyto ID. Fill in the column and the unique code listed below

4. Open Gmail

Open gmail and search for incoming email from lyto. The email contains a verification code that you need to copy

5. Enter the Verification Code

After that, return to the Lyto site page and enter the verification code that you copied

6. Create a New Password

After that a menu will appear containing a column to create a new password. Make the new password 2 times with the same password to confirm. Then, click continue

7. Forgot Password Successfully Resolved

Finally, on the screen there is a notification that the process of overcoming your forgotten Lyto password has been successful. Now you can login to your Lyto account using the new password that was changed earlier.

Problem Can’t Login Lyto?

After doing the above method to solve the problem of forgetting the Lyto account password, you should be able to login to the account that was previously affected by the forgotten password problem. But some users claim to be unable to login.

If you experience problems such as not being able to login, try refreshing the Lyto page or you can also clear the cache on the browser you are using. Then, do the re-login process as usual.

The final word

That’s an article from ulingame about how to overcome forgotten Lyto account passwords. Hopefully this information is useful for users who are experiencing problems like the one above.