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8 PUBG 3 Finger 2022 Control Settings: Ways & Advantages

PUBG 3 Finger Control Settings – The PUBG MOBILE game is one of the favorite games of all circles. All players want to win the game. Many factors must be owned to get a Chicken Dinner.

Not only about skills, some control settings are also very influential in the game. In this article we will discuss about how to use 3 finger control settings.

Using 3 finger settings will make the game more flexible and simple. This 3-finger control setting has the advantage of being able to shoot while moving.

Then, how do you set up 3 finger PUBG controls? Below we will explain in detail how and how to use it.

How to set up 3 finger PUBG controls

Maybe PUBG players who are beginners think that playing with 3 fingers is quite difficult. But if you really want to learn to play using 3 fingers, it’s actually quite easy to do. For more details, just see the tutorial settings below.

1. Shoot button position

Shoot Button

The shoot button can be placed on the top left of the screen. You can put the other shot button on the right or left, according to convenience.

2. Scope position

Scope Position 1

The shot or scope icon can be placed to the right of the center. Try to place the button that can be easily reached by your thumb or thumb so that you can reflect quickly when there is an enemy.

3. Position of the Peek Tombol Button

Peek 1 position

The peek symbol or tilt mode is also positioned close to the scope so that the player’s response can be faster. Also make sure the peek button between the right and left sides is close together.

Tips for Playing PUBG 3 Fingers

Tips for Shooting PUBG 3 Finger Control

After completing the 3 finger PUBG control settings above, the next thing to do is try to play with these settings. Using this setting, the fingers that will be used are as follows.

1. Left Thumb

The left thumb is used to determine which direction you will move in the PUBG Mobile game.

2. Left Forefinger

Then the left index finger, of course its function is to press the shoot button.

3. Right Thumb

The right thumb functions to direct the gaze, aim, control recoil, pick up items and other functions.

4. Powder

Playing PUBG certainly requires agility, especially when dealing with enemies. Ulingame recommends for PUBG players to use powder, the goal is to be more agile by sliding your finger on the smartphone screen quickly and the screen is not blurry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 3 finger PUBG Control

Advantages and Disadvantages

From the PUBG 3 finger control settings, it definitely has advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered. This is so that later you can easily control the flow of the PUBG game.

1. Advantages of Setting Control 3 Fingers

  • Comfortable in the hand.
  • Many tricks can be used for shooting style.
  • It’s easier to kill enemies because of very fast reflexes.
  • Quite difficult to target because it is agile.

2. Disadvantages of 3-finger Control Settings

  • Quite difficult for beginners.
  • Sometimes some buttons are out of reach of the finger.
  • If there is an enemy on the left it is usually not visible because it is covered by the index finger.

Reasons for Using 3 Finger PUBG Control

Many things can be felt after trying to play 3 fingers on PUBG Mobile. One of the players can move faster and not stiff because 3 fingers are more flexible than 2 fingers.

Combining skills and tricks can also be done, one of which is jumpshots. This must be mastered after successfully playing 3 fingers. In addition, players are expected to be able to shoot while moving, because this is very difficult to play for 2-finger players. For those of you who want to try pro player settings using 4 FINGER CONTROLbut if you have trouble using 4 fingers try using 2 FINGER CONTROL SETTINGS which Ulingame has previously summarized.

The final word

That’s the discussion about the 3 finger PUBG control settings, the advantages and disadvantages of the version that you can try to play classic/training either on Android or iPhone. Hopefully it can be useful and make you Chicken Dinner continuously.