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Best M416 Sausage Man Attachments 2022: Recommendations & Tips

Attachment M416 Sausage Man – Choosing a good weapon in a Battle Royale game like Sausage Man is the most must-do thing if you want to survive until the end of the battle and become No. 1 Of All Party Kings use AR weapons for example M416.

The M416 is the most flexible weapon because it can be used in close, medium and long range combat.

If you are confused about what attachments are suitable to complete the M416. It is better to look for makeshift attachments first so that the weapon is not empty without being filled with items or attachments and later you can replace them if you have found the attachment of your own choice.

Because the M416 is a favorite weapon for users of the Sausage Man game, which is always in great demand by people, Ulingame will recommend the best attachments for the M416 as follows.

Recommended Attachment M416 Suasage Man

Recommended Attachment M416 Attachment M416 Sausage Man

Because this M416 has a fairly high level of flexibility, at least players can use the Sausage Man attachment recommendation, which is for close, medium and long distances. The goal is to maximize the M416 at medium or long distances, you can add it with the attachment below.

1. Compensator


The compensator is the current favorite muzzle, many pro players or streamers of Sasuage Man use the muzzle compesator as a strategy to reduce recoil when shooting. The compensator can compensate for vertical recoil of 15% and horizontal recoil of 10%.

This compensator is very effective for M416 weapons for long-range duels. However, one drawback of the compensator is that the muzzle flash will be clearly visible, making it easy for enemies to recognize it.

2. Vertical Grip

Vertical Grip Attachment M416 Sausage Man

Vertical forgrip is the most appropriate choice for you to use to adjust recoil with long-range shooting angles.

  • Recoil Pattern -20.0%
  • Vertical Recoil -15.00%

This vertical forgrip attachment serves to reduce vertical recoil and recoil patterns when you shoot the best M416 rifle.

This is also very useful for players who use single shot mode because the shot will feel straight and accurate.

3. Tactical Stock

Tactical Stock Attachment M416 Sausage Man

Tactical Stock is the last option on the M416 rifle that can be used to reduce bullet recoil.

  1. Recoil Pattern -20.0%
  2. Recoil Recovery +15.0%
  3. Beat Animation -10.00%
  4. Shake -10.00%

4. Magazine Extended Fast AR

Magazine Extended Fast AR

The best magazines are magazines that have additional bullet capacity and speed when reloading or reloading.

The attachment magazine ext fast AR is suitable for you to use when using the M416, along with the effects that attachment mag ext fast AR has.

  • Increase 10 Number of Bullets
  • Reload Duration -30%

5. Scope

Scope 1 Attachment M416 Sausage Man

Scope is the most important attachment that players must use when using M416 weapons. This attachment scope is useful for monitoring enemy movements from a distance. Of the many types of scopes, Ulingame recommends that you use Scope X4 and X3 installed on M416 weapons.

M416 Sausage Man Weapon Stats

All weapons in Sausage Man certainly have different stats whether it’s from power, recoil rate and reload speed for example like the M416. Therefore, Ulingame will share statistical data regarding BEST WEAPONS AR namely M416 as follows.

Weapon NameM416
Bullet Type42-100
Ammo Capacity30 – 40 Ammo
Shooting ModeSingle & Auto
Weapon CategoryAssault Rifle
Reload Speed2 Seconds

Tips for Using M416 Sausage Man

Well, here are some tips for using the M416 Sausage Man weapon that players must know below.

  1. There are 3 advantages of the M416 weapon, which is that it can be used at various distances, for example at close, medium or long distances.
  2. When using the M416 assault rifle, the most important thing is to complete the best attachment by attaching several items such as the attachment above that Ulingame has shared.
  3. Has low damage but quite high firing rate.
  4. Use single mode in long-range or mid-range combat.

The final word

That’s a complete explanation of the M416 Sausage Man attachment. For sausage game users who often fight using M416 weapons, you must try the attachment recommendations that Ulingame has explained and tips for using them. Hopefully the information above is useful.