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9 PUBG 4 Finger 2022 Control Settings: Ways, Strengths & Weaknesses

PUBG 4 Finger Control Settings – Playing PUBG Mobile using PUBG 4 finger control settings is very popular right now. With so many advantages, many Pro Players use this method in every tournament.

In addition to skills, control settings are also very important in the game. Because a comfortable setting will increase the movement and agility of players.

One of the advantages of this setting is that players can make shots with several tricks, such as while jumping, and others. Guaranteed you will get a Chicken Dinner.

However, playing using this setting has a special setting that must be learned, of course, you have to be diligent in practicing. But don’t worry, Ulingame will provide tips and how to set 4 finger control for you. Check out the information below.

How to Setting Control PUBG 4 Fingers

PUBG game players who usually use 2-finger settings, but in reality it makes it difficult for you to meet a better enemy. For more details, see how to set the control below.

1. Shooting Button Position

The shooting button is placed on the top left of the screen and the center right of the screen. you can change it according to your convenience.

Position of the Shooting Button Setting Control PUBG 4 Fingers

2. Position of Scope Tombol Button

The scope or shot button is placed at the top right of the screen. Try to reach the scope button more easily.

Scope Button Position

3. Position of the Peek Tombol Button

The Peek button or tilt mode is positioned not far from the scope so that the player’s response is faster. Also make sure the peek button between tilting the body left and right is close together.

Peek Button Position

4. Position of the Jump Button

The jumping position is placed on the top right adjacent to the scope and tilts the body. Can be changed according to your convenience.

Jump Button Position

5. Squat and Proning Position

The position of the squat and proning buttons are placed on the top left next to the shooting button. you can change it according to your convenience.

Squatting Position And Proning Setting Control PUBG 4 Fingers

Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile 4 Fingers

Tips for Playing PUBG 4 Finger Control Settings

After you have finished setting. The next step, try to play with these settings. How to use these settings, among others, as below.

1. Left Thumb

The left thumb is used to determine which direction you are moving.

2. Left Forefinger

Left forefinger function for shooting, crouching & proning.

3. Right Thumb

You can use your right thumb to shoot, control the direction of the character, aim, & recoil.

4. Right Forefinger

Right index finger function for scope, peek & jump.

5. Powder or Pupur

You can also add powder or powder to make the movement more agile and slippery.

That’s the division of the setting function in the game, actually the division of functions on the right index finger can be replaced with the right thumb.

The right index finger also has a lot of functions, but you won’t have any trouble running them. You can also do 4 finger settings according to convenience. For PUBG Mobile gamers who are still having trouble using the 4 finger setting, Ulingame recommends using PUBG 3 FINGER SETTINGS first, if you are still having trouble playing, use the last method, namely: PUBG 2 FINGER SETTINGS which is identical to the control settings for novice players.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Setting Control PUBG 4 Fingers

Advantages and Disadvantages of PUBG 4 Finger Control Settings

From the PUBG 4 finger control settings, it definitely has advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered. This is intended to make it easier to control the PUBG game later.

1. Advantages of Setting Control 4 Fingers

  • Faster reflexes.
  • Can activate the Hold feature
  • Easier recoil control
  • Very hard to target because of his agility
  • Disadvantages of using 4 fingers

2. Disadvantages of Setting Control 4 fingers

  • Faster tired fingers
  • Not all smartphones can use 4 fingers
  • Not comfortable in the hand

When compared to 2 or 3 fingers, obviously playing 4 finger control settings is more perfect, it will make your PUBG Mobile game more flexible.

In addition, you can also make decisions quickly, although playing this setting is not easy because it requires adjustments first.

The final word

Those are some steps starting from control settings, tips, disadvantages, advantages and reasons for using settings that you should know when playing the PUBG Mobile game. For those of you who have never tried using these settings, you can use the 4 finger PUBG control settings above. Hopefully it will be useful and of course it will be easier to get a Chicken Dinner.