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25 Ways to Get M416 Glacier PUBG Mobile 2022 Skin 100% Work

How to Get M416 Glacier PUBG Mobile – PUBG Mobile has a large collection of weapon skin items and epic costumes that are very cool and interesting, making users interested.

Of course, in order to get a very interesting and cool weapon skin, it requires a large capital expenditure.

PUBG Mobile has released tons of M416 skins. But of all the M416 skin types, there is one skin that is most in demand by PUBG Mobile players. The skin is the M415 Glacier skin. This M416 Glacier skin has a very good appearance and effect if it manages to knock out an opponent.

For players who are curious and want to know how to get the M416 Glacier skin for free on PUBG Mobile. Here Ulingame will share several ways that you can try to get the Glacier skin below.

How to Get M416 Glacier PUBG Skin

In order to get the Glacier skin, players must spend PUBG Mobile cash to exchange it for a Glacier skin. To get it the player must enter the Chest menu then enter the Classic Chest and open it. If you are lucky, you can certainly get the Glacier M416 skin easily.

For players who want to get the Glacier M416 skin, players can try several ways below.

Via Redeem Code

Code Redeem How to Get M416 Glacier Skin PUBG Mobile

You can try to get the M416 Glacier skin by entering the redeem code. In the following, Ulingame will share how to get the redeem code below.

  1. Players can find the redeem code on the PUBG social media account or its official page.
  2. Next, open the following redeem link:
  3. If so, then enter Character ID, Redeem Code as well as Verification Code.
  4. After that press Redeemdone.

Classic Chest

Classic Chests can also give you Glacier skins. On one of the contents of the box, inside is the M416 Glacier skin. However, to get it is quite difficult and requires luck.

  1. Login to PUBG Mobile account.
    Unlock PUBG MObile
  2. Then go to the Chest menu > Classic Chests.
    Open Classic Chest Menu
  3. After that press randomly on the available skin options, then select OK to draw.
    Random Play
  4. If you are lucky, maybe you can get the M416 Glacier skin for free.
    Getting M416 Glacier

Get M416 Glacier Skin Using a VPN

In addition to the methods above, in order to get the M416 Glacier skin, you can also use it via a VPN application. In the VPN application, you can download it through the Playstore. For how to use it is quite easy, for more details, please follow the complete method below.

  1. The first step is to download and install a VPN application that is guaranteed to work and can be used properly.
  2. Then run the VPN application.
  3. After that, change the server to Taiwan.
    Change Taiwan server
  4. Then the VPN is active, you just open PUBG Mobile.
  5. After entering PUBG Mobile, you can claim the prize in the form of the Classic Chest coupon.
    Get a Classic Chest coupon
  6. Use the Classic Chest coupon to try out some coupons to get the M416 Glacier skin.
    How to Get M416 Glacier PUBG MObile Skin

Features of the M416 Glacier PUBG Mobile Skin

M416 Privileges How to Get M416 Glacier Skin PUBG Mobile

This M416 Glacier skin weapon is a skin BEST WEAPONS and the coolest according to some PUBG Mobile pro players of all time. Because this weapon is shaped and colored like ice. The most special thing about this Glacier skin is that at level 5 players will get a blood splash effect (On Hit Effect).

When shooting at an opponent, you usually see red or blue blood splashes, but if you use the Glacier skin, the blood splash will look like crystal white ice water splashes.

This is what makes it interesting from a visual perspective, the damage that will be generated from the M416 Glacier skin is also very powerful to paralyze the enemy.

The final word

That’s an explanation of how to get M416 Glacier Skin on PUBG Mobile for free that players can try. By using the method above, players can get the M416 Glacier PUBG Mobile skin. Maybe that’s the only discussion that Ulingame can share. Good luck and useful.