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Best Near & Far PUBG Mobile Weapons

PUBG Mobile Best Weapon – PUBG Mobile is an online game with the Battle royale genre that is in great demand by Indonesian gamers. Accuracy when aiming at opponents with precision is needed when playing PUBG Mobile.

One of the important factors that determine victory in the PUBG Mobile game is weapons. Special equipment for war that can support performance in order to survive is definitely needed.

One of the must-have equipment when playing PUBG Mobile and pay attention to the quality is weapons, medkits, grenades & smoke.

Before finding out about the list of the best weapons, players should first identify the types that exist. In the following, Ulingame will explain and the types of PUBG Mobile weapons that players must know and the range of long and close weapons below.

PUBG Mobile Best Weapons List

Of the many weapons in the PUBG Mobile game, here Ulingame will share a list of the best weapons in PUBG Mobile as follows.

1. AWM


As players know, AWM is the best and strongest weapon in the Battle Royale game. AWM weapons have 105 damage and can penetrate enemy helmets easily. Sniper type weapons have accuracy and consistency over long distances, this is the only reason why AWM weapons are one of the best weapons for X8 and X6 scopes.

2. M416


The next best weapon is the M416. M416 is one of the most favorite weapons for all PUBG Mobile players because it has low recoil when shooting long distances. The M416 weapon has 41 damage and attachments can be installed on the weapon. The M1416 is very effective for players who have difficulty controlling long-range shot recoil.

3. M249


M249 is a Light Machine Gun that has 150 bullets in one clip when using the extended, M249 is also often referred to as a Rambo weapon. Although the reloading ability is quite long, the M249 has a high fire rate which is very effective at close range. In the update now you can get M249 weapons easily in certain places, without having to loot airdrop supplies.

4. M762


The M762 weapon is the best type of assault rifle with the bullets used, namely brown bullets, as well as the 7.62 mm AKM weapon. If you want to use this weapon, you must first study the recoil of the M762 so that the shot does not shoot off.

5. Groza

Groza Best Weapon PUBG Mobile

Groza is the best PUBG weapon in the most lethal AR class with 7.63 mm bullets and has a sadistic attack firepower. One of the tips when you use this Groza weapon is to train the firing rate so you can quickly knock out enemies at close range.

6. DP-28

Dp 28 1

The DP-28 weapon is one of the most popular weapons for players because it can be found on Livik and Erangel maps easily. The DP-28 has high damage and is suitable for medium and long distances though. The DP-28 can carry 47 bullets in its megazine, so there is no need to periodically reload while in the middle of battle.

7. AKM

AKM PUBG Mobile Best Weapon

This AKM weapon is one of the best weapons that is most widely used when playing because its attack damage is very high, namely 47. The AKM weapon has a satisfactory fire rate of 0.10 seconds, and an average initial bullet speed of 715 m/s. The AKM uses 7.62mm ammunition with a 30-round megaazine.

8. Scar-L

Scar L Best Weapon PUBG Mobile

The Scar-L weapon is suitable for those of you who like medium-range combat. This Scar-L gun is made using 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition. The bullet capacity of this weapon reaches 40 rounds in one round.

9. Uzi

Uzi 1

Uzi is the best weapon to be the most favorite weapon for PUBG Mobile game players for close combat. By having the fastest firing rate in all PUBG m weapons, making it run out of bullets quickly. So the tips, when shooting with this weapon make sure the bullet doesn’t miss the enemy.

10. UMP

PUBG Mobile Best Weapon UMP

This UMP weapon is also the most suitable for close combat because of its fire rate. By using this weapon you can slaughter enemies at close range. UMP has 39 damage.

11. MK14

MK 14

This MK14 weapon is also one of the best weapons that stands out in close combat because it is able to take down enemies with 3-4 shots. The MK14 uses 7.62mm ammunition and is available on most maps, except for the Sanhok. MK14 is a sniper rifle type weapon.

12. AUG

AUG 2 Best PUBG Mobile Weapons

The AUG weapon is an AR weapon using 5.56mm bullets including the deadliest weapon in the PUBG Mobile game. This weapon has a damage of 41 with the amount of ammo up to 40 when added with an extended magazine.

13. M24

M24 Best Weapon PUBG Mobile

The M24 is the best type of bolt action sniper rifle that can be obtained easily in battle. This weapon is usually used for long-range shooting. The speed in removing the bullet is fairly fast. The M24 uses 7.62mm ammunition or brown bullets and has a 5-round capacity.

14. Mini14

Mini 14 1 Best Weapon PUBG Mobile

The Mini 14 is the best Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) type weapon to use against long-range enemies. By using 5.56mm bullets and can accommodate 30 bullets in 1 clip, Mini14 has a magazine capacity that is quite a lot.

15. M16A4

M16A4 1

This best weapon is also one of the most popular in the PUBG Mobile game. The M16A4 is considered to have fairly stable recoil, and is flexible because it can be used as a close-range weapon as well as a long-range weapon. Besides being able to kill enemies at close range, the M16A4 can also be used as a sniper weapon by installing a scope 4 times or 6 times.

16. Bizon

PUBG Mobile's Best Weapon Bizon

This last best weapon is a light weapon that is very easy to use for new players and PUBG veteran players. One of the advantages of this Bizon weapon is the capacity of up to 53 bullets. Bizon has 35 damage and a bullet speed of 408 m/s. This weapon is suitable for close and medium range in play.

The final word

That’s a review of the 16 best weapons in PUBG Mobile that you can use when playing classic so you can get a Chicken Dinner. Look forward to other articles about online games that you can read through the Ulingame website. May be useful.