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16 Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 20: Strengths & Weaknesses

The Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends – Currently, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular games in Indonesia and abroad. Mobile Legends is very easy to download for free and can play with friends online.

As a Mobile Legends game user, of course you have a favorite hero or character in Mobile Legends. This game has several heroes with different roles ranging from Assassin, Marksman, Mage, Support, Tank and Fighter.

In the Mobile Legends game, players will certainly find a line of heroes that can be used to fight. Even though it’s not free, you will get several different Trial features (try heroes) every week.

Learning some important heroes will help players win matches or defeat opponents quickly. To make it easier for players, Ulingame has prepared a list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends based on meta season 20 with the advantages and disadvantages of the heroes below.

The Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

For those of you who want to reach Mythic easily in the Mobile Legends game that has been published by Moonton, here are the recommendations for the strongest heroes that you can use below.

1. Esmeralda

Esmeralda 2

Esmeralda is the strongest hero to be top banned in the Epic, Legend and Mytich tiers. Having overpowered skills makes this Esmeralda hero the strongest hero. With a passive skill that is able to destroy the opponent’s shield, he is tough enough to face all heroes. The Shiel stolen by Esmeralda can increase Esmeralda’s HP making it difficult to kill.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Has a very strong shield
  3. Big damage
  4. High mobility
  5. Short cooldown skills

Lack :

  1. Easy to counter marksman or attack from afar
  2. Mana is limited (sold out quickly)
  3. Depends on the purple buff
  4. Very susceptible to stun
  5. Does not have crowd control (stun/cc)

2. Chou

Chou 2

Chou has the strongest combination of skills and can make enemies fly into the air with the ultimate of Chou’s hero. Chou is a hero with the best disbler effect and a fairly short cooldown.

Chou’s advantages:

  1. Good mobility
  2. Have crowd control skills
  3. Can counter many heroes
  4. Big damage
  5. Quite flexible

Lack :

  1. Weakening with crowd control heroes
  2. Use is quite difficult
  3. Weak against blast damage
  4. Skill dependence
  5. It’s hard to fight many enemies

3. Benedetta

Benedetta 1

Benedetta is the strongest hero who has the nickname The Shadow Ranger. Benedetta has agility and high damage, especially in the early game (early game). This hero is quite easy to find in ranked mode because it is a firstpick subscription for users.

All of the skills possessed have advantages, namely the blink skill effect which is very powerful for chasing and escaping from enemy attacks. In addition, the skills possessed also issue crowd control that can give slow and stun effects to opponents.

Excess :

  1. Burst damage is huge.
  2. Have good immunity.
  3. The Escape Mechanism skill is effective.
  4. Fast attacking gameplay.
  5. Easy to dodge opponent ganking.

Lack :

  1. Low durability
  2. Low lifesteal effect
  3. Hero that is difficult to master

4. Yve


Yve is one of the deadliest and strongest heroes in Mobile Legends in this season 20. Hero has a long skill range and has great damage in the early game or late game.

Yve’s ultimate skill can make a fairly large area of ​​the chessboard, this makes Yve’s hero able to fight several opposing heroes at once. Yve also has a very powerful crowd control because it gives a slow effect on enemies.

Excess :

  1. Has a long range of skills.
  2. Has big damage in Early or Late game.
  3. Easy to master.

Lack :

  1. Don’t have blink skill
  2. have no stun (CC)
  3. Which extravagant hero
  4. Blood or HP is quite thin
  5. Quite difficult to master

5. Mathilda


Mathilda is the first support assassin hero in Mobile Legends. This hero has deadly damage capable of supporting teammates, because his abilities are deadly enough to make Mathilda the strongest hero at the moment.

Builds or items are suitable for use when using Mathilda’s heroes, namely Demon Shoes, Glowing Wand, Genius Wan, Divine Glaive, Holy Crystal and Blood Wings. This strongest hero is easy to master and has a fast cooldown skill.

Excess :

  1. Support with big damage.
  2. Skill mechanics are easy to understand.
  3. Short cooldown.
  4. Having a Kit is useful for teammates.

Lack :

  1. No crowd control
  2. Can’t be a carry team
  3. Damage is not as big as pure assassin

6. Granger

The Strongest Granger Hero in Mobile Legends

Granger is the current strongest Marksman hero in Mobile Legends, with his attacks that are quite painful and his mobility ability is quite high.

Excess :

  1. High mobility.
  2. Easy to play for beginners.
  3. Hero overpower in Early game.
  4. The attack range is quite far.
  5. Has the Escape skill.

Lack :

  1. Depends on the use of shot bullets.
  2. Skill with high calculation.
  3. A little blood.
  4. Defense is quite weak.
  5. Depends on the team.

7. Thamuz


There may be several reasons why you should use Thamuz. This strongest fighter hero has the ability to not require mana. With no mana mechanism, you can more easily use Thamuz. In addition to being agile and having versatile ultimate skills, this hero is also awarded with a combination of brust damage and damage per second (DPS) that can produce painful damage.

Excess :

  1. Has a large additional True Damage.
  2. Mobility is great.
  3. The strongest and best offlaner heroes.
  4. Has strong durability.
  5. OP Ultimate Skills

Lack :

  1. Does not have crowd control.
  2. Does not have the Escape Mechanism Skill.
  3. Not easy for beginners to play.
  4. Weak against CC (Crowd Control).

8. Hilda

Hilda the Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

Hilda is the strongest semi-tank fighter hero, Hilda can be relied on to be positioned as offliner or tank. Hilda is a good nuisance hero against jungle enemies and hard to kill.

Unfortunately, many new users don’t know Hilda’s abilities, one of which is restoring HP while hiding in the grass.

Excess :

  1. Has high durability.
  2. High Movement speed or Mobility.
  3. All Skills are lethal.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Very strong as a Tank or Offlaner.

9. leomor


Leomord is one of the strongest OP (over power) Fighter heroes. Playing Leomord’s hero is quite difficult, but Leomord has its own advantage, namely high damage. Leomord is often used as a carry team or often also used as an offlaner.

Excess :

  1. Mobility is quite good.
  2. Crowd Control is off.
  3. Deadly Critical Damage.
  4. Has a strong and good defense.
  5. Flexibility in all roles.

Lack :

  1. Depends on ultimate.
  2. Easy on the Counter.
  3. Casting ability is quite complicated.
  4. Difficult for novice players to use.
  5. Great damage but risky.

10. X-Borg

X Borg 1 Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

X-Borg is a banned subscription hero in season 20. Hero X-Borg is quite dangerous because it has a high attack and thick blood makes X-Borg the strongest hero.. With ability 1 owned X-Borg has very annoying damage per second and the cooldown is quite short, of course good for attacking and defending.

With its ultimate, X-Borg is able to provide high and wide burst damage so that it can be troublesome for the opponent.

Excess :

  1. Great durability.
  2. Has large Burst damage.
  3. Good HP Regeneration Ability.
  4. Strong in Early and Late game.
  5. Very flexible when teamfight or solo lane.

Lack :

  1. Does not have crowd control.
  2. Difficult to lock on target.
  3. Quite difficult to play.
  4. Low mobility.

11. Chang’e

Change the Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

After getting the buff, Chang’e becomes one of the favorite heroes because it can provide high attacks. Chang’e is very effective in the midlaner or sidelaner position because his attacks and speed are very fast. In addition, it has a long range and high DPS.

Excess :

  1. Mobility is very good.
  2. All capabilities are quite flexible.
  3. Can provide good support.
  4. Huge burst damage.
  5. Makes High Ground War stronger and better.

Lack :

  1. Easy on Counter Hero Crowd Control.
  2. Has no Escape ability.
  3. Low Durability.
  4. Weak against Burst Damage.
  5. Very much depends on ability.

12. Valir

Valir the Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

Hero Valir is a Mobile Legends support that has aggressive gameplay. Because Valir has the ability to escape and debuff (anti crowd control) he can control fire to escape when hit by enemy ganking.

Excess :

  1. Has very good Crowd Control.
  2. Big damage.
  3. Absolute Guard Ability.
  4. Easy to use for beginners.
  5. Very strong in Earlygame.

Lack :

  1. Low mobility.
  2. Does not have the Escape Mechanism ability.
  3. Easy on the Counter.

13. Sun

The Strongest Sun Hero in Mobile Legends

Sun is the strongest fighter hero in Mobile Legends with his famous ability to cast shadows. Hero Sun has been inspired by the movie Sun Go Kong, a Chinese character and surely his presence in Mobile Legends is very influential in it.

Excess :

  1. Has big damage.
  2. Easy to play.
  3. Very strong during War.
  4. Easy to push lane or turret.
  5. Hard to beat.

Lack :

  1. It’s hard to target the enemy.
  2. Shadows are hard to control.
  3. Does not have crowd control.
  4. Low Mobility.
  5. Does not have the Escape Mechanism ability.

14. Eudora

Eudora the Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

The strongest hero in Mobile Legends and a subscriber to the first pick or ban is Eudora. Eudora is a deadly hero because with all his abilities he has a high enough attack to make players afraid of Eudora’s hero.

Excess :

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Combo skills are very deadly.
  3. Crowd Control is off.
  4. Fast Cooldown Ability.
  5. Very strong in the early or late game.

Lack :

  1. Mobility is quite small.
  2. Have a small HP.
  3. Does not have the Escape Mechanism skill.
  4. Easy on the Counter.

15. Lapu-lapu

Lapu Lapu 1 Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

Lapu-lapu is also the strongest hero in Mobile Legends, because it has been revamped with a fairly short ultimate ability which is very suitable to be used as a sideline. This hero is really very easy to play, high mobility and high damage can easily flatten all opponents.

Excess :

  1. Short cooldown.
  2. Has CC and Immune abilities.
  3. Mobility is very good.
  4. Passive ability is quick to activate.
  5. Strong Early and Late game.

Lack :

  1. Difficult for novice players to play.
  2. Dash abilities do no damage.
  3. The attack mechanism is complicated.

16. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong 2 The Strongest Hero In Mobile Legends

The next strongest hero in Mobile Legends, Yu Zhong, with his passive is fast enough to become one of the priority heroes of players in ranked mode. Yu Zhong is very feasible to use because he is strong in the lane and can attack enemies from behind with his ultimate.

Excess :

  1. Has big damage.
  2. Aggressive Hero Fighter.
  3. Has no Mana.
  4. Durability is very tough.
  5. Very strong in late game.

Lack :

  1. Ultimate cooldown is quite long.
  2. Easy on the Counter.
  3. Easily subdued against CC attacks.
  4. Relying on the Spell vamp.

The final word

Thus a review of the 16 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends along with the advantages and disadvantages of heroes. The 16 heroes above can be your choice when playing ranked or classic, the abilities of the heroes above are really the strongest that can help you RANK MOBILE LEGENDS and WR. Maybe that’s all Ulingame can share, hopefully the information above is useful.