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15 Ways to Set OBS for Game Recording So It Doesn't Lag 2022

How to Setting OBS for Game Recording So It Doesn’t Lag – Do you PUBG Mobile players aspire to be a content creator or streamer? the most important thing to know that being a content creator or streamer is not easy.

You need something unique so that the audience will be entertained and feel at home watching the videos that you make, you will sell something that can entertain the audience, for example, such as game playing skills, strategies can bring victory, fun, jokes, silliness and many others. can not be denied.

In addition, players must also have skills in video editing and understand how to do screen recording. Now for the current screen recorder that is often used, namely by using the OBS studio setting, besides the application is free to use, OBS Studio is a light-spec application for use with low spec PCs or laptops.

Although many players complain about the problem so that it doesn’t lag, it’s because they don’t know how to fix it so it doesn’t lag when recording. The most common reason is lag when recording games. With this article, players will be very helpful for recording while playing games, please note that I personally have experienced the same thing when recording, namely lag. But through these methods, your live or recording will be very smooth and won’t lag anymore. Here, Ulingame will share the method below.

How to Setting OBS for Game Recording So It Doesn’t Lag

Basically, why is there a lag problem when recording? Maybe one of the OBS applications is not set yet. For more details, players can see the following reviews.

  1. First of all, if you have installed the OBS Studio application and there are many settings that you can try recording or streaming.
    Method 1 How to Setting Obs for Recording Game So It Doesn't Lag
  2. For the second step, please open OBS through the run as administrator command first so that the OBS application can run smoothly, after the application is open then tap settings.
    Method 2 3
  3. Next, the player will be taken to the OBS settings then tap Output, match the player settings with the image below. Note for the VGA, please choose according to your respective VGA.
    3 Ways of Setting Obs for Game Recording So It Doesn't Lag
  4. After that the player goes to the advanced settings menu, see the picture below and then equate it with these settings. Change the process priority that is in general to be moved to High and change the video renderer to direx 11 and then save.
    Way 4 2
  5. For NVIDIA users who use AMD the settings are almost the same, but to adjust please right click on the monitor to go to NVIDIA control panel settings.
    5 Ways of Setting Obs for Game Recording So It Doesn't Lag
  6. In the focus control panel in the 3D settings section in the upper left corner, select Manage 3D settings, then click program settings, inside there will be a custom program then select OBS Studio, click add.
    Way 6 1
  7. Next, select Configure Surround, PhysX, as shown below, please select VGA according to the device.
    How to Setting Obs for Recording Game So It Doesn't Lag 7
  8. To ensure that the settings can run according to the settings, please restart the PC first.
  9. Finally, open the PUBG Mobile emulator game, for example, play the game with full screen. After the game is open, the player records with OBS that has been previously set, so the OBS setting for recording is complete.

Please for the players to try whether they still experience lag or not to record, if the settings above are still experiencing lag, they have to use the auto configuration method so that the OBS software can adjust to PC specs, for a clearer way to avoid lag, see the steps below .

OBS Settings With Auto Configuration

  1. Open OBS with the Run As Administrator command, once it is open, please click the tools menu at the top of OBS, then tap Auto Configuration Wizard.
    Config 1 How to Setting Obs for Recording Game So It Doesn't Lag
  2. Please refer to the next step, there are two display options below, if you want to use OBS for recording purposes, please select the bottom section “Optimize just for recording, I will not be streaming”. If you want to stream, you can choose the options above.
    config 2
  3. Final Result tap Apply Settings
    config 3
  4. The game must be in full screen state, return to the OBS menu then tap sources + add windows capture as a screen record.
    Config 4 Ways of Setting Obs for Recording Game So It Doesn't Lag
  5. If the game can be caught by OBS in Windows Capture mode, then tap ok and the player can record or stream without lag, for adding a camera video capture device, of course you can do it, but if there is a problem, you can ask in the comments column below.

How to Set New User OBS

As an early user, it will be difficult to understand some of the functions of the tools provided, for basic configuration configuration, players can try the initial steps below

  1. Install OBS first on a PC device, if not, you can get the application for free on the website OBS.
  2. Open the OBS application and prepare content material that will be made into a video.
    New user
  3. Next, adjust the output settings first by selecting file >> settings.
  4. Tap audio to adjust sound input, there are several menu functions that you can pay attention to such as General settings, Device input/output and hotpey (quick buttons).
    Furthermore, your device menu can change the sound input on the audio desktop and mic audio if you add an additional microphone.
    New Users 2 Ways of Setting OBS for Game Recording So It Doesn't Lag
  5. The video is available in the resolution menu of the canvas and the part of the desktop screen you want to display and the FPS. Settings will be filled automatically according to the state of the hardware and the default settings are recommended.
    New User 3

The final word

Thus, this article discusses how to set OBS recording games so that it doesn’t lag, it’s finished, easy and can solve disturbances when recording. Hopefully it can be useful and at there are lots of articles on how to set an example PUBG MOBILE RECORD previously created and many others about online games.