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7 Easy Ways to Mabar Sakura School Simulator 2022

How to Mabar Sakura School Simulator – Sakura School Simulator is a game that many people like because players can do whatever they want. Besides being a light game, Sakura School Simulator is also fun to play.

There are so many things that can be done, for example, exploring Sakura Town, talking to many people, dating to marriage and even having a family. As in the article about Sakura School Simulator that Ulingame made previously about HOW TO MARRY SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR .

With the breadth of the storyline presented by Sakura School Simulator, it is very unique and interesting. Online games have a mabar feature that allows users to play with their relatives.

Like playing together in Sakura School Simulator. Players can spend time together with relatives in Sakura School Simulator. Of course it will make the game more fun because they can meet each other to play together in the game.

Then how do you get better in the Sakura School Simulator game? For more details, see the review below.

How to Be Happy in Sakura School Simulator

But it’s a shame that no one knows how to get better in Sakura School Simulator this year. Actually to do the mabar is very easy. It only takes a few steps, players can develop in Sakura School Simulator.

Here, for more details, Ulingame will share how to play with Sakura School Simulator below.

1. Open the Sakura School Simulator App

Tap Sss 1

Open the Sakura School Simulator game then enter the Select Costume menu.

2. Using Boy Characters

Change Character 1

Use the Boy character (male). The trick is to click the Custom menu and then click Character Change.

3. Approaching Other Characters

Change Character 2

After entering the in game, then walk and approach the girl character (Girl) then press talk to talk and vote hold hands to hold hands.

4. Clone

Clone Sakura

Next, please select the menu clone so that it can bring up 2 characters that are the same so that it can be 4 people.

5. Action

Actrion Cara Mabar Sakura School Simulator

For the last one, choose Action so Boy (male) will separate themselves. To move the girl (Girl), tap the menu and tap Girl.

Sakura School Simulator Android at a Glance

Sakura School Simulator is an Android game where players will play the role of a student at Sakura Town High School. In the background of a small town, Sakura Town High School has many funny and interesting stories. In this game there are no death or murder scenes, it’s just that you may experience fainting or unconsciousness. But the next day you will wake up and appear annoyed with the students who have attacked you.

How to control Sakura School Simulator Android is quite easy. You only need your left thumb to point objects and your right thumb to perform specific actions.

One of the things that makes Sakura School Simulator fun is that when you play it, you can change the character from the role you want to play. For example, do you want to be male or female, change clothes, hairstyles, accessories and many others.

The final word

That’s the way it is as if you can play together with friends playing the Ulingame version of the Sakura School Simulator game. Even though players haven’t been able to really mabar in this Sakura School Simulator game.

For those of you who don’t know, the Sakura School Simulator game is actually an open world game similar to Bully PS2 and GTA. It’s just the characters that make the difference and the setting of the place is made by a Japanese school. Quite interesting to play.