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200 Words of Bio FF Hit the Opponent's Mental (Cool, Unique & Aesthetic)

Words of Bio FF Got Mental – As is known, the Free Fire or FF game is currently able to compete with the popularity of PUBG Mobile as a game battleground. This is not without reason, because FF itself is equipped with several features in PUBG Mobile.

One feature that has an important role to describe FF players is the signature or commonly known as the bio. Where in this feature, FF players can add cool, unique and interesting words to describe their biodata.

But unfortunately, the bio feature in the FF game has a limit on the number of words that can be entered. In other words, players can only enter a few short lines of words to describe themselves to profile visitors.

Therefore, many FF players are looking for inspiration about cool, unique, short but interesting bio words that can attack the opponent’s mentality. Well, on this occasion, we will give a number of FF bio words that are mentally affected, equipped with procedures for changing them.

How to Change Words in Bio FF

Before the main discussion regarding the FF bio words hit further, it’s better to understand first how to change or change the player’s bio. The way to change bio words is actually almost the same as when CHANGE FF NAME.

Instead of being curious, just pay close attention to the procedure for changing the bio words in the Free Fire game below.

1. Open the Free Fire App

Open the Free Fire App

First step, please open the Free Fire game on your smartphone. Before continuing, make sure you have the latest version of the FF application and the internet network connection is stable.

Enter Profile Menu

After successfully logging in, you will be presented with the FF home page or lobby. Next way, please tap Profile icon in the upper left corner of the smartphone screen.

3. Tap Edit Profile

Tap Edit Profile

If you have entered the Profile menu, later you will also be given several player account options. To continue, please tap the pencil icon or pen next to the FF player’s business card.

4. Change Words Bio FF

Change Words Bio Ff

Then please replace the words in the FF bio by the way tapping pen button or pencil to the right of the column Signature. Please change the FF bio words according to your wishes and needs.

Words of Bio FF Got Mental

Collection of Words Bio Ff Mentally Affected

After knowing how to change the FF bio, then you also have to understand examples of cool, unique words that can make the enemy hit mentally. Even though it’s only a word, but the writing can make the enemy mentally and nervously looking at your profile.

Just like COOL NAMES FF, the player’s biodata description also usually contains several wordings. Here are examples of cool, unique and interesting short bio FF words that can make the enemy hit mentally.

  • Watch out! Mentally guarded
  • In CS Be a Predator, in Ranked You Are Cupu
  • Your mentality is like crackers, Crispy!!
  • Small Cave KD, Just Like Lo’s Skill!
  • How many seconds do you want to be slaughtered?
  • Mental CS Doesn’t Make Me Scared & Back Off.
  • Mentally How Soft
  • Have you mentally prepared yet?
  • The Cupu is not rich
  • Intention to spread the bar even becomes abysmal
  • My Mood Is Good, You Must Be Destroyed
  • How come the strategy has been drawn up?
  • What is shown is the Bio Profile, which is hidden Mental and Skill
  • The Peeked Profile, The Mentally Hiding
  • Nick Diang Tzy, Playing Like a Bot
  • Potato HP, Star High Skill
  • I thought it was hard, but it turned out to be paper
  • SG Ku Kayu, Similar Mental Lo
  • Clock Tower Fugitive
  • Thin Mental Move First
  • Looking for a difficult opponent
  • Peeking Profile = Fear
  • Are you sure you don’t want to go back?
  • Thin Mental Ready to Cry
  • No Promise to Give Mercy
  • This account is prone to winning friends
  • Junk Mentality Won’t Get Booyah
  • I thought Baywan was bringing friends
  • Learn to Squeeze First Deck
  • Mentally Safe My Boss?

If the words of bio FF get mentally over the length, you should reduce a few words.

Cool FF Bio Code

Cool FF Bio Code

Above, we have given some examples of short but unique and interesting bio FF words that hit mentally. So that the bio FF words can look more aesthetic, you can actually make them into various motifs, ranging from bold, italic or colored text.

Where to make aesthetic bio FF words, players need to enter a code in the form of a combination of letters or numbers with certain symbols. Below we will provide a number of FF bio codes to make it look cooler.

Bio FF Flag of Indonesia[b][i] [FF0000]️ [FFFFFF]️
Bio FF Badge[DAA520] ★ ♫ ✿
999 999 999
Bio Logo Free Fireb][c] FREE F[FF8800]I[FFFFFF]RE [FF0000]
Bio FF 999+[FF0000][c] 9 9 9 +

The final word

That’s if the explanation from about the words bio FF hit mentally is equipped with a procedure for changing it. Hopefully the information above is useful and can be used as a reference when you want to make FF bio words that can make the enemy hit mentally.