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14 Schedule for M3 Mobile Legends Group Stage, Playoffs & Grand Final 2022

M3 Mobile Legends Schedule – When will the M3 World Championship Mobile Legends tournament schedule start? M3 is a world-class MLBB tournament, this event is certainly the most awaited by fans of the Mobile Legends game.

The M3 Mobile Legends schedule is the third tournament that has the highest level for the Mobile Legends game itself, both in Indonesia and throughout the world. Previously, M1 was successfully won in 2022, the first world-class tournament that was won by Evos Legends, which is a team from Indonesia.

Then at the beginning of 2022, you will also have a second tournament called M2 World. The second tournament was won by the Bren Esport team from the Philippines. Well, of course, fans of the Mobile Legends game have been waiting for the latest M3 Mobile Legends schedule.

It’s getting closer to the schedule for the M3 Mobile Legends Championship which will be held in December offline in Singapore. Then what are the results of the M3 World Championship schedule? To get complete information about the M3 Mobile Legends schedule, just refer to the following review.

List of Team M3 World Mobile Legends

M3 Mobile Legends Team List

Here, Ulingame has summarized some of the teams that passed the M3 World Championship 2022 Mobile Legends below

Group Draw AGroup Draw BGroup Draw CGroup Draw D
International BlacklistOnic EsportsEvos SGSMG Team
Red Canids NecklaceOnic PHSeeYouSoonRRQ Hoshi
Malvinas GamingSwordNaviGX Squad
BEDELVivo KeydBloodThirstyKingresurgence

M3 World Championship Group Stage Schedule

M3 Mobile Legends Match Schedule

Of the 16 teams that will compete in the 2022 M3 World Championship Mobile Legends, on November 6, 2022, the Group Draw & Match Group Stage took place. So, here is Ulingame, which has summarized the Group Stage schedule for the M3 World match below.

Schedule 6 December 2022 Group Stage A

TimetableTime (WIB
Blacklist International vs Red Canids Necklace 13.00
Malvinas Gaming vs BEDEL 14.00
Blacklist International vs BEDEL 15.00
Red Canids Necklacea vs Malvinas Gaming 16.00
Blacklist International vs Malvinas Gaming 17.00
Red Canids Necklacea vs BEDEL 18.00

Schedule 7 December 2022 Group Stage B

TimetableTime (WIB)
Onic Esports vs Onic PH 13.00
Sword vs Vivo Keyd 14.00
Onic Esport vs Vivo Keyd 15.00
Onic PH vs Todak 16.00
Onic Esports vs Todak 17.00
Onic PH vs Vivo Keyd 18.00

Schedule 8 December 2022 Group Stage C

TimetableTime (WIB)
Evos SG vs SeeYouSoon13.00
Navi vs BloodThirstyKings 14.00
Evos SG vs BloodThirstyKings 15.00
SeeYouSoon vs Navi 16.00
Evos SG vs Navi 17.00
SeeYouSoon vs BloodThirstyKings 18.00

Schedule December 9, 2022 Group Stage D

TimetableTime (WIB)
Team SMG vs RRQ Hoshi13.00
GX Squad vs Resurgence14.00
Team SMG vs Resurgence15.00
RRQ Hoshi vs GX Squad16.00
Team SMG vs GX Squad17.00
RRQ Hoshi vs Resurgence18.00

M3 Mobile Legends Playoffs Schedule

All teams will compete in the group stage. In M3 there is no qualifying round, but the position will determine the ranking continues into the Playoffs.

The top two teams during the group stage will enter the Upper Bracket for the Playoffs which will be held on December 11-18, 2022.

The Upper Bracket match will use the best of Lima format, meaning that one team must win at least 3 matches. Then in the Lower Bracket match, the best of three format will be used, which means the team must win at least 2 times.

M3 Mobile Legends Grand Final Schedule

Now for the winning team in the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket rounds, they will meet in the Grand Final which will take place on December 19, 2022 to win the M3 World Championship Mobile Legends. The final round will use the best of seven format, which means that one team must win a maximum of 4 matches.

The final word

That’s the latest information on the M3 Mobile Legends World Championship schedule that Ulingame has summarized above. Don’t forget to note the start date of the world-class M3 Mobile Legends match and support your favorite team.