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17 Free Crypto Earning Games Fast Login Account 2022

Crypto Earning Games – There are quite a number of money-making games, one way is by using cryptocurrencies whose value is always increasing. The recent development of crypto currency prices has attracted many professionals or beginners who want to try to find out how to fight to earn crypto currency coffers.

There are many ways you can do to get crypto, whether it’s free or paid. Plus, lately bitcoin has become very booming, so a lot of users are looking for ways to get bitcoins for free or for free.

One way is by playing games. Until now, there have been lots of applications or games that provide a reward or prize in the form of bitcoin.

On this occasion, Ulingame will review games that produce bitcoins that you can try to fill your spare time and get additional income from bitcoins by converting them into money.

What is Crypto

What is Crypto

Crypto is a digital asset known as digital currency. This currency is different from the conventional version, because cryptocurrency is used for needs such as virtual transactions via the internet network.

Crypto currencies are decentralized in character, meaning that no single party is authorized to intermediary in a transaction. When payments take place on a loan basis, which means that they are made between the sender and recipient directly and the transaction will be recorded through the system that has been provided with optimal security.

Crypto Earning Games

Well, for those of you who are still beginners, maybe you can go through a free bitcoin-producing application. Besides that, the method is quite easy, the registration process is not too difficult. Here are some of the Ulingame versions of the money-making games below.

1. Market Glory Crypto3 Producer

Market Glory Crypto Producer

The first crypto-producing game is this Market Glory game. In this game, the currency obtained from profits while playing can be withdrawn into real money via PayPal, Bank BCA, or Bitcoin.

How to play Market Glory is also very easy, you just have to set up and run a company in the game until you get a profit

Every Market Glory user has the opportunity to work, build an organization, run for government and so on.

2. Crypto Earning Feature Points

Crypto Earning Feature Points

This application is one of the crypto-producing games which has been popular since 2012 because it has been installed by more than 10 million Play Store users with an average value of 4 in the rating.

When you first install this application, you will get the first prize of 5000 feature points which is equivalent to $5.

Income from this application can be withdrawn using bitcoin, paypal, google play gift cards, and amazon gift cards.

3. Crypto-Generating Hago

Crypto Earning Hago

Hago must be familiar to your ears, because it went viral in 2022. This game turns out to be able to make money that can go directly into the account. Usually the coins you get when playing Hago are disbursed into your balance or credit.

How to play this game is also quite easy, you only need to play all the games in this application. Some examples of games such as ludo, sheep fighting, knife stab, and others.

Later, you will get coins if you win. In this game also has other benefits, you can get to know other players.

4. Crypto-Generating Eaze Games

Crypto Earning Eaze Games

Eaze Games is one of the crypto-generating gaming platforms. There are various kinds of exciting games in this game.

The first step you do is register using an active email. After that, you can directly play games on this platform against other players.

If you win, you will get a prize in the form of Eaze Games currency which can be exchanged for PayPal balance.

5. Bitcoin Pop Crypto Generator

Bitcoin Pop Crypto Generator

Bitcoin Pop is a game application on a smartphone that makes money that can be directly exchanged for Bitcoin.

How to play this game is very easy, just shoot bubbles that have the same color.

To withdraw the money earned from this game, Bitcoin Pop only provides withdrawals via the wallet and you can register for free.

6. Crypto Ballz Crypto Generator

6. Crypto Ballz Crypto Generator

Crypto Ballz is a game developed by Zapak Mobile Games with a classic game concept. Where the way to play is to shoot balls to destroy every block provided.

The more you destroy blocks, the more chances to win. The more often you win this game, the more coins you can collect.

Every coin that has been collected you can exchange it for bitcoin or other crypto currency.

7. Crypto Earning Mager

Crypto Earning Mager

Mager is also one of the crypto-producing games that can be exchanged. Visually, this game is similar to the Hago game, because in one application there are many games.

Coins that players have collected cannot be exchanged immediately, because there is a minimum exchange limit. So you have to play hard to get a lot of coins.

Coins from the Mager game can be exchanged for pulse vouchers such as Xl, Telkomsel, 3, and others. It can also be exchanged for OVO, Gopay, or DANA vouchers.

8. Crypto-Generating Money Whale

Crypto Earning Money Whale

The Money Whale game is available for free on the Playstore and has been used by more than 500 thousand people with an average rating of 3.5 from 20 thousand reviews. The game design of the Money Whale game is a combination of two animal characters that will continue to change and level up.

The higher the level you get, the greater your chances of getting dividend whales, dividend whales are income from the Money Whale game.

After you have managed to collect a lot of income from Money Whale, then players can withdraw it via cryptocurrency, such as doge or through other payments, for example funds, ovo, gopay and many others.

9. Crypto-Generating Bitcoin Blocks

Bitcoin Blocks Crypto Generator

Bitcoin blocks is a bitcoin earning game that you should try. Bitcoin Blocks has been developed by game developers just like the bitcoin pop application which I forgot to review above.

Bitcoin Blocks has a game concept similar to the Tetris game that has been popular since the 90s. In the Bitcoin Blocks game, users must combine blocks or parts of boxes that have the same color, because this can get rewards.

In order to be able to exchange the bitcoin, it can only be withdrawn through a wallet that has been registered with coinbase, namely by entering your coinbhase email into the bitcoin blocks application when the producer is withdrawn.

This game has been installed by more than 1 million people and you can install it for free through the Playstore with a size of 80MB.

10. Bitcoin Blast Crypto Generator

Bitcoin Blast

In addition to the bitcoin pop and blocks game, the bling game developer also has a game called Bitcoin Blast that you can play to earn crypto generators. How to play the game is quite easy, just collect and combine several bitcoin blocks of the same color.

After completing the game, players will get bling points, where these points can be exchanged for bitcoin. In order to be able to play bitcoin blast, players must first download the application on the playstore, then register via email. Every withdrawal from bling points exchange, can only be withdrawn through the coinbase wallet.

11. Crypto-producing Flap Pig

Crypto Generating Pig Flap

The next crypto-producing game, Flap Pig, is a game similar to flappy bird where there will be flying pigs to get through an obstacle. In order to get bitcoins from the Flap Pig game, of course, the players must win the game first by getting as many scores as possible.

Although it looks quite easy to play, Flap Pig has a level of play that is quite difficult to pass and you have to be careful not to fall. Every point earned in Flap Pig can be directly exchanged by players into bitcoin.

12. Crypto Earning Game Blockchain

Blockchain Games

The following game is a bitcoin-producing game that has been developed by the game developer Bitcoin Aliens. How to play it is quite easy, players just arrange all the blocks properly and then will get a reward according to the level of the game.

The higher the level obtained, of course the level of difficulty will increase. Each prize that you will get will certainly be calculated based on satoshi units, if you reach the amount or withdrawal limit, the player can immediately withdraw it into bitcoin.

13. Crypto Tab Crypto Generating Browser

13. Crypto Tab Crypto Generating Browser

Crypto tab Browser is a free bitcoin-generating application by completing simple tasks. Because the main task of the player is only to use the application to surf the internet.

The way it works is the same as other browser applications, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and others. However, Crypto tab Browser allows users to get rewarded for their activities. In addition, there is also an application version, you can use the extension version available for any browser.

14. Brave Crypto Earning Browser

Brave Browser

Brave Browser has a rewards program that allows users to get free BAT (Basic Attetion Token) coins. BAT is a digital token that has been designed to increase the efficiency of digital advertising.

With BAT, publishers, advertisers as well as users can benefit at the same percentage. Interestingly, the BAT coins that will be obtained can be directly accumulated into US Dollars.

15. Free Bitcoin Cash Crypto Generator

Free Bitcoin Cash

Free Bitcoin Cash is the first bitcoin earning game that users can use to get bitcoins for free. However, if you want BTC payout from FBC, Ulingame recommends choosing Faucetpay because your earnings are automatically sent every Tuesday until the current week.

So, players can get paid every week. You can use the Free Bitcoin Cash application to add Faucetpay balances.

16. Indodax Trading Platform

Indodax Trading Platform

Indodax is not a bitcoin-producing game application, but a platform and application that functions as a Bitcoin trading platform. There are two general ways that you can use to increase your bitcoin asset portfolio from Indodax.

17. Crypto-Generating Coinbase


This game is similar to Pintu or Indodax, where Coinbase allows you to buy or sell any Crypto currency. Although it looks like a digital wallet, users can make extra money from Coinbase by taking advantage of other features and there is an affiliate program, which allows users to earn commissions if they successfully invite friends to join and make transactions on Coinbase.


How to get Bitcoin for free either through games or applications is actually a new thing, it’s just that users who want to do Bitcoin Mining activities have to be patient and consistent in order to get big results.

From the list of free bitcoin-producing games or applications above, it may continue to grow considering the bitcoin trend that continues to increase from time to time. It is this trend that underlies various games and applications, with different concepts and designs, but the goal remains the same which is that every user can get free bitcoins in an easy and simple way.

So many reviews that Ulingame can share, hopefully the recommendations for the crypto-producing games above can help you earn extra money through the games above. May be useful.