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Method & Terms 100% WORK to Change Password in Mobile Legends

Change Moonton Account Password – Mobile Legends is a MOBA genre game that allows players to save data that has been linked to a Mobile Legends account. Starting from the Facebook platform, Google Play, VK Account, Tiktok Account, Game Center and Moonton. This platform can help you change your Moonton Mobile Legends account password easily.

By linking an account as above, your Mobile Legends account will be safe, especially when you want to change devices. However, there are several problems that Mobile Legends users often experience, one of which is: FORGOT THE PASSWORD. This can be detrimental to the owners, such as lost or stolen accounts.

Luckily, Moonton as a Mobile Legends game developer has presented a feature that can help players change passwords. In order for the Moonton password to be changed, of course you have to meet some of the terms and conditions that Moonton has made.

So, on this good occasion, Ulingame will share some information about how to easily change your Moonton account password. For Mobile Legends lovers who are having trouble changing passwords, you can follow the steps below.

Terms of Changing Moonton ML Account Password

As Ulingame has discussed previously, in order to be able to change the Moonton account password in the Mobile Legends game to be successful, of course you must comply with some of the terms and conditions that Moonton has provided. The main requirement for changing the Moonton account password is that you have to make sure that your Mobile Legends application is updated to the latest version.

In addition to the Mobile Legends application, it must be the latest version, also make sure the email address associated with the Moonton account must be active and accessible, either through your device or other devices. Maybe that’s a very important requirement and make sure the internet connection that you are using is running smoothly so that you can change your Moonton account password faster.

How to Change Moonton ML Account Password

The purpose of the Moonton account is to store Mobile Legends account data, so that if you change your HP device, you don’t need to start the match from the beginning again and can play and continue to save data on the previous device.

But for security reasons, players can usually change the Mobile Legends account password regularly. Now for fans of the Mobile Legends game, you should be able to change your password to be safe from losing your account. Here, Ulingame has summarized the steps for changing the Moonton ML account password below.

1. Enter the Mobile Legends Application

Open Mobile Legends

The first step is to open and run the Mobile Legends game on the device used.

2. Go to Account Profile

Open Account Profile Change Moonton Account Password

After successfully logging into Mobile Legends, then open the account profile at the top left of the screen. Continue by pressing Account settings and select menu Account Center.

3. Select Change Moonton Account Password

Select Change Moonton Account Password

Then several menus will appear, please select Change Moonton Account Password.

4. Enter Email Address

Enter Email Address Change Moonton Account Password

On the next screen, players are asked to enter the email address registered with the Moonton ML account. If so, please press Send.

4. Open Email Message From Moonton

Click Link

Next, open the email message from the Moonton account containing verification. Please click on the link in the message.

5. Enter New Password

Enter New Password Change Moonton Account Password

Then you will be taken to the screen to change the new password for your Moonton Mobile Legends account. Please enter the new Moonton account password and re-confirm the password after that press Confirm.

The final word

This is the information that Ulingame can share on this occasion regarding changing the Moonton account password. Hopefully the article above can be useful.