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13 Ways to Sell Heroes in Mobile Legends 100% Successful!!

How to Sell Heroes in Mobile Legends – As is known, the Mobile Legends game often presents new heroes in each season or season. Of course, the presence of these new heroes makes the old version of the hero increasingly abandoned by the players.

To be able to buy new heroes in the Mobile Legends game, players are required to have battle points (BP) or diamonds.. But unfortunately, to get Mobile Legends battle points is not easy and takes a long time.

Even so, there are actually other alternatives that can be done so that players can get battle points, namely by selling some heroes in ML. It is true that Mobile Legends itself has not provided an official hero sales feature.

Basically, the steps for selling heroes in ML games are actually quite easy to do, as long as you know the stages. Well, to help this time the author will provide an explanation of how to sell heroes in Mobile Legends easily and quickly.

Advantages of Selling Heroes in ML

Advantages of Selling Heroes on Ml

As explained earlier, one of the advantages of selling heroes in Mobile Legends is that players have the opportunity to get battle points quickly for free. Where with these battle points players can use them to buy BEST MOBILE LEGENDS HEROES IN RANKED.

In addition, battle points can actually be used to buy various cool items in the shop or shop menu. Therefore, selling heroes in ML can be one of the right ways if players want to get BP for free.

Terms & Conditions for Selling Heroes in ML

Terms and Conditions for Selling Heroes on Ml

Before the main discussion continues, you should first understand some of the terms and conditions for selling heroes in Mobile Legends. The main requirement when players want to sell a hero or character in ML is that they must have the hero first.

This is because the heroes that can be sold in Mobile Legends are characters that come from or are obtained from trial cards. In other words, the heroes that can be sold are experimental characters obtained from various missions, tasks or events.

Another requirement is that players must already have the latest version of the Mobile Legends application. If not, please update the Mobile Legends game first on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.

How to Sell Heroes in Mobile Legends

The above has explained in full some of the advantages and requirements for selling heroes in Mobile Legends. Next, you also have to understand how to sell it. To be clear, below is the procedure for selling heroes in Mobile Legends.

1. Open the Mobile Legends Application

Open the Mobile Legends 2 Application

First of all, open and run the Mobile Legends application or game on your smartphone. Before proceeding, make sure the device’s internet network connection is in a stable and smooth condition.

Go To Backpack Menu

If you have entered the home page of the ML game, the next method please go to the Backpack or Bag menu. Where this menu is usually located in the lower right corner of the cellphone screen.

3. Select the Trial Card Column

Select the Trial Card Column

After that, several column options will appear in the Backpack feature. To continue the steps for selling Mobile Legends heroes, please select the Trial Card feature.

4. Determine the Hero Mobile Legends

Determine Mobile Legends Hero

Then automatically several trial cards or trial cards for the Mobile Legends hero that you have will appear. Then choose a hero and click Use. Please note, usually ML heroes that can be sold are marked with the BP logo in the upper right corner.

5. Selling Hero Mobile Legends

Selling Hero Mobile Legends

The last stage, determine the number of Mobile Legends heroes to be sold or exchanged for BP. If you have, please tap OK. Later, the trial card will automatically be exchanged for battle points.

Causes of Failed to Sell Hero in Mobile Legends

Causes of Failed to Sell Hero in ML

Even though it’s easy to sell heroes in Mobile Legends, there are still some players who complain that they fail or fail to do so. Of course, this failure can be caused by a number of factors, both in terms of the device or due to player error.

Usually this failure is also often experienced by players when they want to play EXCHANGE MOBILE LEGENDS HEROES. Instead of being curious, here are some of the factors that cause failure to sell heroes in the Mobile Legends game.

  • Haven’t updated the Mobile Legends application yet.
  • ML players don’t have a permanent hero to sell yet.
  • The Mobile Legends game is experiencing a problem on the device (crash).
  • Internet network connection is unstable or bad.


That is if the discussion from about how to sell heroes in Mobile Legends is equipped with advantages, conditions and causes of sales failure. Hopefully the explanation above can be used as a reference when you want to sell one of the characters in Mobile Legends.