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7 Ways to Restore Lost Higgs Domino Chips & Causes

How to Restore Lost Higgs Domino Chips – As is known, Higgs Domino Island is one of the games that is currently being discussed by the public. The reason is, through the Higgs Domino Island game, users have the opportunity to make money just by playing several types of games.

In order for users to be able to play on Higgs Domino, of course they must also need a coin or chip as initial capital for the game. But unfortunately, there are cases of users experiencing problems such as sudden chip loss.

If you experience these problems, it is certain that users will not be able to play in Higgs Dominoes. In general, the loss of chips in Higgs Dominoes can be caused by a number of factors, be it a technical error or due to user negligence.

Even so, don’t worry because now there are still some tips and tricks so that Higgs Domino chips can be returned to the player’s account. Without further ado, just take a good look at the procedure for returning the missing Higgs Domino chip below.

The Cause of the Higgs Domino’s Chip Suddenly Disappear

The Cause of the Higgs Domino Chip Suddenly Missing

For old Higgs Domino Island players, of course you already know about THE DIFFERENCE OF PURPLE CHIP AND REGULAR CHIP. Where the problem that is often experienced by players is related to losing the Higgs Domino chip, in this case, the usual type of chip (coin).

As explained earlier, the sudden disappearance of the Higgs Domino chip can certainly be caused by a number of things. Therefore, before discussing how to restore the lost Higgs Domino chip further, here we will provide some of the causes.

1. Using Higgs Domino Mod Version

The first reason why the chips in the Higgs Domino game suddenly disappear is because players are using the mod version of the application. The mod version itself is an application developed by a third party. In other words, the mod version of Higgs Domino is an unofficial or illegal application.

2. Using Third-Party Applications

The next cause is because players use third-party applications to support the game. One of the third-party applications that are often used by players is X8 Speeder. It is true that the application can make it easy for players to win, but this method is actually illegal and prohibited.

3. Higgs Domino Maintenance System

The last possibility is that the Higgs Domino chip suddenly disappeared because the server or system was under maintenance. Where maintenance itself is a condition when the game is under repair or maintenance. During maintenance, it’s likely that the Higgs Domino player’s chip was accidentally deleted by the system.

How to Restore Lost Higgs Domino Chips

After knowing some of the causes of the Higgs Domino Islan chip suddenly disappearing, then you also have to understand how to solve this problem. To be clear, below is the procedure for recovering a lost Higgs Domino chip.

1. Clear Higgs Domino App Cache

Clear Higgs Dominoes App Cache

The way to restore the first Higgs Domino chip is by clearing the cache and data of the application. Through this method, it is hoped that all the lost chips can return to their original state. The procedures for clearing the Higgs Domino cache include the following.

  1. Open menu Arrangement on smartphones.
  2. Then enter the menu Application Management.
  3. Choose Application List.
  4. Then search Higgs Domino.
  5. Please go to options Storage.
  6. Finally, click Clear Cache.

2. Reinstall Higgs Domino

Reinstall Higgs Domino

Reinstalling the game Higgs Domino Island can also be one way to restore the chip that suddenly disappeared. However, keep in mind that make sure you install Higgs Domino officially on the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

3. Login Account on Other Device

Account Login On Another Device

The next way to solve the missing Higgs Domino chip is by logging in on another device. You can borrow other people’s cellphones such as friends, relatives or family to log in to the Higgs Domino account. This method can be done both for Higgs Domino accounts from Facebook or visitor accounts.

4. Send Chips to New Account

Send Chip To New Account

The last way to restore a lost Higgs Domino chip is to send or transfer the chip to a backup account. Of course, this can be done because when you first join Higgs Domino, users are usually advised to create two accounts, namely the main account and a backup account.

As a preventive measure so that the chip is not lost, our advice is to exchange the chip into credit. Where HOW TO EXCHANGE DOMINO HIGGS CHIP WITH PULSE It’s quite easy to do, even for beginners.


From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the loss of chips in the Higgs Domino Island game can be caused by a number of factors, either due to technical errors or due to user negligence. If indeed the way to overcome the above still doesn’t work, our advice is to immediately contact the Higgs Domino developer.

So if the explanation from about how to restore the Higgs Domino chip that suddenly disappeared was equipped with several causes. Hopefully the above review can be used as a reference when trying to restore the lost chips in the Higgs Domino Island game.