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Legal & How to Setting Custom Room in PUBG

How to Make a PUBG Custom Room – Playing PUBG Mobile games is indeed the most fun to play with friends you know. It will be stressful if in one room there are no bots, all are original players and contain known or chosen people.

Have you ever watched a PUBG tournament or scrim? Where in one room there are no bots at all, even the total number of players does not have to be 100, but the game can already be played live.

Have you ever seen players playing in one room but fighting with specific weapons such as melee weapons or pistols? This special room (Custom Room) can later be used to play PUBG games based on the rules that you have made yourself, for example matches, perspectives, maps and interested friends.

Well, for those of you who don’t understand or are curious about how to make a PUBG costume room, you can listen to reviews on how to make it as follows.

How to Get PUBG Room Cards

Before creating a costume room, you need an item called the PUBG Room Card. The Costume Room Card is the key to creating a room, there are two ways to get a room card, namely from the Clan Shop and the Elite Royale Pass.

Clan Shop

Clan Shop

Room cards are available in the Clan Shop at a special price for clan points. For the record, this shop is a special shop for players who have joined a clan. It’s the same with the Elite Pass.

Elite Royale Pass

Elite Royal Pass

The easiest way to create a room is to buy a Royale Elite Pass. Usually the room card item will be obtained when the player reaches level 14, 37 and 85. The room card has a different active period, so for you PUBG players, try to use it quickly so it doesn’t get burned or lost.

How to Make a PUBG Custom Room

Not many players know how to create a PUBG Mobile costume room. There are two conditions for a PUBG account to create a custom room.

The condition is that you have to buy a Royal Elite Pass and have a clan as above. In order to buy a Royal Elite Pass, players need 600UC to open it in order to get a card room. For how to make it, you can see the method below until the end.

1. Enter PUBG Mobile

Open PUBG Mobile Game

The first step you have to do is login to your PUBG account first.

Open Menu Select Mode

After logging in, the next step is to go to the menu Select Mode which is on the bottom left.

Select Menu Room

After entering into Select Mode, the next thing is to press Room is at the bottom left.

4. Create Advanced Room

Create Advanced Room

Select menu Create Advanced Room if you already have a room card, if you don’t have a room card, press Create Room to buy the item first.

5. Setting Room

Settings Room

If so, the player will be asked to create a room title, Team Mode, Game Mode, Map and Password if you want to use a password. Done, players can use the costume room to play fun matches with friends or create tournaments.

Already Entered Room

How to Enter PUBG Costume Room

This time Ulingame will provide an easy way to enter the costume room on PUBG. Just see a more complete explanation below.

1. Open PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG Login

First, please open the PUBG application using your own account.

2. Tap Choose Mode

Enter Pubg

Then on the lobby page, please press menu Select Mode which is located at the bottom left.

Select Menu Room 1

After you enter the Select Mode, enter the menu Room located on the bottom left (above settings)

4. Enter the Room ID

Enter ID

The next step will appear many other player-made costume rooms. to be able to enter the costume room made by a friend, then you must enter Room ID costume room to a friend then press enter.

5. Fill in the Password Room

Enter Password

Finally, you will be asked to enter a password so you can enter the costume room.

The final word

That’s how to make a PUBG costume room. Play PUBG Mobile games more fun by using rooms created by fellow players and known friends. Many more HOW TO LIVE STREAMING FB & SETTING THE SCOPE SO IT DOESN’T SHAKE Ulingame has already provided. Therefore, continue to follow because there will be updated information about online games.