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When will Mobile Legends be deleted? Check the Facts Now!

Many are curious about the news when Mobile Legends was deleted, which has recently gone viral and has filled all social media news. This kind of news has actually been around for a long time and the past few months have also been booming. But it is certain that this kind of news is a mere hoax.

Mobile Legends is one of the Moba games made by Moonton that has successfully captured the hearts of many gamers. Even now, the downloads of this Moba game have reached millions from both the App Store and Play Store.

However, because news resurfaced when Mobile Legends was deleted it has become trending again lately. I don’t know where this news came from, what is clear is that there are several reasons that this news is just a hoax.

The reason when Mobile Legends was deleted was just a hoax

when will mobile legends be deleted

There are several reasons that confirm that the game released by Moonton will not be deleted. Given this game has been popular and many players from various circles.

Multiple Players

This Mobile Legends player does not look at age and comes from various circles. Both young and adults there are many who play this game every day. This game full of strategy will certainly be more exciting if you can play together with friends. Especially if you have formed a squad.

So many players. for matchmarking alone does not take long. Even just a few seconds. This indicates that every second someone is competing and playing this game. It’s very unlikely to be deleted suddenly, whereas there are a lot of players online every day.

Scoring Achievements

Besides there are many players from Mobile Legends, this game has produced many achievements. For example, the casters, pro players and various esport teams that won various tournaments. The most famous official tournament is MPL. There are also esports teams that have won the M1 and M2 trophies. The M series tournament cup is a world-class tournament, all countries will send their best esport teams to compete.

It’s very unlikely to be deleted, the tournament alone is still exciting and has a lot of spectators. If it’s been deserted and there’s no audience, maybe there’s a reason that this game will soon be gone.

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Many pro players and streamers entertain their subscribers, for example, Pascol’s channel, which is always entertaining, or Gerrard Sanjaya’s, who is also famous for various strange metas in matches.

Hard work

This game has indeed been selling well and has revived many businesses that can sell because of the name of Mobile Legends. For example, jockey services, top up services and entrepreneurs who sell attributes from games, both clothes and jackets for the esports team.

Many Influencers

Just try to observe, most of those who stream both use Facebook and Youtube. Most players share the Mobile Legends game play. So if there is an issue when Mobile Legends is deleted, of course it can be ascertained that it is just a hoax. After we tried to dig up this information from various available sources, it turned out to be true and just news.

There are also many YouTubers with high levels of success and income who started their careers from playing Mobile Legends. Just look at Donkey, Oura, Jess no limit, Xinn, Lemon and Vynn. All play this game and share the game play through the Youtube channel.

From here alone they have been able to earn more from various platforms in addition to being pro players who have also earned high incomes.