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Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends Latest 2022 [LENGKAP]

Top-up diamonds in Mobile Legends can be done in various ways. For example using pulses, digital wallets and much more. You can use these diamonds to buy skins, heroes, emotes and some in-game items. Moreover, this Mobile Legends hero skin is quite expensive. There are many items in the Mobile Legends game and various types of prices.

By using a skin, your hero looks more different from other heroes. In addition, the use of emotes or other game items can increase your popularity.

To top up, there are many ways you can do. Just choose according to what you think is easiest. There are many bundles that you can choose from. Mobile Legends is rich in various features in the game. Top up in large quantities can indeed get a lot of bonuses. Both diamond bonuses, skins, bundles, emotes, and other in-game items.

How to Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends

There are many platforms to top up Mobile Legends. Several platforms provide their respective conveniences. Some even provide bonuses and discounts on certain events. You can use the following methods.

Buy Diamond ML Using Credit

Including the easiest to buy Mobile Legends game items. All you have to do is buy credit and top up via a Google Play voucher. To top up in this way, top up the credit according to the minimum amount you want to buy. then open the Mobile Legends game, then click on the (+) sign.

Then you will be faced with a payment service from Google Play. After that, on the payment method, just choose credit. Verify your number, because later there will be an OTP from Google. Select the top up amount, then pay with credit.

This method can be instant and the credit will be deducted automatically, but make sure you have enough credit because the price may be different from the one on Google Play. For the first time purchasing this way, you can get a 10 thousand discount on the price of in-game items.

Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends with the Dana Application

top up diamond mobile legends

The fund application is a digital wallet that is full of various conveniences in managing finances. It’s even easier for you to top up just by registering a fund account, and verifying to become a premium account.

To top up diamonds with the Dana application, first visit with a browser using your device. then open the Mobilen Legends game, first save the ID and server from your Mobile Legends account.

Select the game item and enter the user id, then enter the cellphone number and pin. Payment will run automatically, just open your game. There are also many events such as star light or other hero skin bundles.

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Using Codashop

Codashop is a special platform to top up various games. Not only Mobile Legends, there are several other games such as FF, PUBG, COD and steam. To fill out, go directly to the related page using the following link.

Buy Diamonds Now

Enter the ID of your Mobile Legends account and the server zone. Select the amount of top up as desired. For self-payment, codashop supports many options. Starting from digital wallets such as funds, ovo and bank transfers. There are also payments using the Alfamart and Indomart methods.

top up diamond mobile legends

There are lots of options and lots of bonuses. Top up with this platform is easier and there are many payment options. You can even do it instantly. Besides that, there are also interesting events such as star light. So what are you waiting for, top up right away.

Via Alfamart and Indomart

Some outlets and minimarkets do provide top up facilities for this game made by Moonton. To top up with Alfamart and Indomart, you can use existing Google Play vouchers. All Alamart and Indomart provide this voucher a lot.

Or it could be by using several partners from Mobile Legends top up services. For example with codashop or unipin. Then just choose instant payment.

Or just go to the cashier, and just say you want to top up the game. Then the cashier will direct with various methods, both with partners and instant.

Using Unipin

Unipin has also become one of the most popular top up game platforms. There is a lot of game support in this platform. Starting from Mobile Legends, FF, PUBG and various other Steam games. To top up, just go to the official unipin website then select the game. Then select the top up amount and make the payment. There are many items and various events on this platform.

Tips Before Making Game Item Payments

There are some tips when you want to buy in-game items, for example Mobile Legends. This is to increase the security of your account as well as your transactions.

Use Official Link

A lot of abuse of top up items in the game. For example, sharing a link or ID from a game account, then there will be hacking. This of course can harm you. For this reason, pay attention to the link if it is redirected to a new page in a browser.

Then observe the link, if it’s official, you can proceed to payment, but if there’s something wrong with the link you opened, don’t make the payment and cancel the transaction.

Use an Official Platform

Use a platform that is already official and registered as a top up game item partner. This is to anticipate fraudulent transactions or account hacking. Because now misuse of links or phishing links is also circulating to get gamer accounts.

Make sure to top up as desired

First, make sure the number of top up items is as desired, don’t let the payment swell just because of one click.

If you are a parent and find your child playing games, we recommend keeping an eye on the purchase of tokens and in-game items. Because indeed not a few children spend tens of millions on in-game items alone. This is because it is just a click away, for that you should supervise and do the top up yourself. So there is no swelling in transaction fees.

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To be more efficient, you should top up in large quantities. This can save on top up transaction costs, get lots of bonuses and there are special series bundles. Bonuses start from an additional amount of dimaond according to the amount of top up, or there is a special discount, and this depends on the platform that provides top up services. Top up on special events to get lots of bonuses and discounts.