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7 Ways to Make Money from Mobile Legends

Making money from games has now become commonplace and commonplace, especially Mobile Legends. Mobile legends is a game full of strategy and challenges. This 5 vs 5 game from Moonton now has millions of active players from all over the world. There have even been various tournaments to continue to boost the popularity of Mobile Legends.

But there are still many people who don’t know that Mobile Legends can actually generate additional money. This includes opportunities for those of you who want to increase your income and increase your daily income.

7 Ways to Make Money from Mobile Legends

There are 7 ways that we have summarized and can make real money if you want to be serious and always update with Mobile Legends.

1. Streamer

make money from mobile legends

If you often see various streamers whether using Youtube, Facebook and other streaming media platforms, of course they are not just showing game play. These streamers can make fantastic money, up to hundreds of millions per month.

There are several platforms that are well known and can make real money. For example,


You are certainly no stranger to this one social media. Even now there are many game streamers who use this platform. If you have a Facebook account with high popularity, it’s a shame not to take this opportunity. As social media accounts become more and more popular, great opportunities to earn money await as well.

For example, one of the players and streamers who has recently become famous and has entered GPX, is a man who is often called Pascol. This man is a newcomer with an early career as a Mobile Legends streamer on Facebook.

The man who had a background as a construction worker before being famous, has now made a lot of money from various media streamer platforms. It has even entered the realm of Youtube. Together with a female tanker partner who is also a streamer, Luan Luan, both of them have received different attentions and have recently been present in various podcasts for gaming YouTubers.

Both of their names rose when they entered GPX, at first of course because they often played together with various pro player legends who used to strengthen the Evos team such as Donkey, Oura and also former RRQ Tuturuu.

Pascol’s account name with his PD uses Tuturuu, behind which there is an additional panjaitan. Because it comes from Sumatra.

Looking at the example above, a person who previously did not understand Mobile Legends, even social media was also less mastered, could still be successful if he tried his best. When viewed at a glance from the various games that Pascol has played, most of the heroes that Pascol has played are only Miya. This indicates that only one hero can be famous. How about you who can have various kinds of heroes and master meta techniques? Don’t want to make money like Pascol and Luan luan as Facebook streamers?


There are also many YouTube gaming right now, and most of them have Mobile Legends players in their background. As well as Donkey, Oura, Marsha, Tuturuu, Xinn, Lemon and many more. Apart from being former and pro players, they earn a lot of income from streaming and playing their games on Youtube.

It takes a long struggle to reach the leading gaming Youtuber. Jess no limit, one of the former Evos Legends players who is currently more focused on his Youtube channel. Revenue from adsense alone can reach tens and even hundreds of millions per month.

It is very profitable to have a popular Youtube channel. If you are a beginner and want to start becoming a Youtube streamer, you should prepare various video editing tools and powerful networks.


One of the platforms to popularize gaming skills is Nimo. With Nimo you can share exciting gameplay for millions of people from all over the world to watch. Even the income from this platform can also be maximized, up to tens of millions and even more.

There are also streamers who take advantage of several streaming platforms. From Facebook, Youtube and Nimo, everything is explored. Of course the income can be up to hundreds of millions per month.

2. Diamond Top Up Service

top up diamond mobile legends

If being a streamer is still difficult, you can sell Mobile Legends diamonds. There are many sites and platforms that you can take advantage of. For example, Unipin, Codashop, Dana and various market places. if there are scattered Mobile Legends gamers around you, great opportunities will certainly await.

It’s just a matter of writing ready to top up diamond Mobile Legends. Most likely there will be many people who do top up through your services, because indeed to top up itself is also a bit complicated. Moreover, some are still children and have not been able to top up. Opportunity to make money from Mobile Legends, right? Having trouble finding site or platform recommendations for top diamonds? You can read the previous article about recommendations for top up diamonds in Mobile Legends.

3. Buying and Selling Mobile Legends Accounts

Mobile Legends accounts also have a pretty fantastic price. Especially if there have been many achievements and many skins and all the emblems have been unlocked. If you want to read this opportunity, create more than one Mobile Legends account, and do a push to the mythic tier, then you can trade those accounts.

4. Jockey Push Rank

This business opportunity to make money from Mobile Legends has existed for a long time, even since the beginning of the season it has existed. You can play other people’s Mobile Legends accounts and raise them to the tier they want. And for the hard work you have done, you are entitled to get paid according to the agreement.

Please just open a jockey service if your skills are qualified for this. Can make mabar with various trusted people and can raise an account to mythic. To promote your services, you should do a live stream so that other people can see all the gameplay and skills that you master.

5. Mabar Service

Playing together can also be a very good opportunity. Especially if you are someone who has gained popularity on social media. You can open mabar services or even jockey services.

6. Enter the Esports Team

If indeed your gameplay can be interesting and many are able to read enemy strategies or use mature meta strategies, you can offer yourself and apply to join the esports team. There are many esport teams in Indonesia. If you have entered the Esports team, you can immediately become popular, the opportunity to earn money from Mobile Legends can be in many ways.

7. Join the Tournament

make money from mobile legends

There are so many tournaments in various events. And indeed it is often held at special events, for example related to the birthday of an agency or other celebrations. In addition there are also various classy tournaments that you can participate in. Especially if you can make a squad and form an esport team, the opportunity to be popular and make money from Mobile Legends can be maximized.