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When will KKN in Dancer Village be Released? It's the Official Date!

The question of when KKN was released in Penari Village had haunted Awi Suryadi for the past few weeks. Now, he doesn’t seem to have to worry anymore if he gets a similar question, because he already has a definite answer.

Yep, KKN in Penari Village is one of the most awaited horror films among movie geeks in Indonesia. In fact, they are willing to wait for two years to be able to see this film directed by Awi Suryadi.

Now, they only have to wait one more month before the film is actually released in cinemas throughout Indonesia, because the Community Service Program in Desa Penari is scheduled to be ready to air on April 30, 2022.

The Question When the Community Service Program in Dancing Village is Released is Finally Answered!

Recently, Awi Suryadi as the director of KKN at Penari Village announced that the film will be aired on April 30, 2022. In his post, he wrote “NO MORE PHP” which seemed to give a sign that this film would not be delayed any longer.

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Previously, KKN in Penari Village was scheduled to be released in 2022, but for some reasons this film had to postpone its release schedule.

Arriving in 2022, this film also had to be postponed again due to the COVID-19 storm that had hit several countries in the world, including Indonesia.

One year later, KKN in Penari Village had to be patient again because the Omicron type of COVID-19 suddenly attacked and forced the release of this film to be postponed again.

As a result, KKN in the Dancer Village [Uncut] has just set its official release schedule on April 30. For the Uncut version, all the scenes in the film will not be cut so that the audience can deepen the storyline.

When will KKN in Dancer Village be Released
Photo: Community Service at the Dancing Village

“The scene with traces of traces, the audience asked ‘please don’t cut the intimate scene’, which I don’t want to talk about (further),” said Manoj Punjabi, quoted from Detik.

“So (the production house) MD has two versions, one uncut with a black poster, one white poster for Community Service Program in Dancing Village (for) 13 years, and uncut (for) 17 years. So there is a cinema that will show 2 versions,” he explained.

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“MD also has social responsibility, maybe 13-year-olds and under 17-year-olds like to watch movies with their parents, so we make a friendly version, so the impression is more dynamic,” concluded Manoj Punjabi.